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    Is Cato to Hunger Games?

    Ever since I read the book The Hunger Games I've had a crush on the name Cato. Do you think that the name Cato will be forever linked with the character from District 2 or will that connection eventually fade into obscurity.

    Also what are some middle names that you think could go with it?
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    Speaking from a fan of the Hunger Games, I would definitely first think of the book because that was when I first heard the name. Despite that however I don't think it is 'too Hunger Games'. The character was around for only the first book so the name didn't get a lot of publicity. Most people I suspect will not even realize where it is from. That being said, I think it is totally usable!

    For middle names: I think Cato should probably be grounded with something a bit longer and more common/more recognizable.

    Cato Rafferty (from looking at your signature)
    Cato Benjamin
    Cato Marcellus (going pretty Roman here)
    Cato James
    Cato Atticus
    Cato Zachary
    Cato Evander
    Cato Abraham
    Cato Gardner
    Cato Frederick

    Sorry I'm not that great with middle names!

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    To be perfectly honest, I had no idea he was a Hunger Games character- most people who will realise will be ardent fans who will most likely be about 13-16 years old on average, so I don't think it is a problem. Also, Cato was a legitimate name prior to the series (Kato was my Japanese nana's maiden name), so it isn't as if you are considering a name unique to the series (e.g: Renesmee and Daenerys, etc. I think that is how you spell them?).
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    I think it's fine as a first or middle name. Plenty of Jacks in movies/books so no reason to not use a less common name in a movie/book. Though I agree I would struggle a lot with accepting names such as Renesmee... Cato is still short, simple, unique but 'real name-ish'. Love Rafferty, Torin, Tavish and Finnian off your list too.

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    I find the name to be very much usable. The Hunger Games character is quite obscure to the average person and, unlike Katniss, the name wasn't invented for the series but has been in existence since antiquity. There were two well-known statesmen named Cato in Ancient Rome, Cato the Elder and his great-grandson Cato the Younger.

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