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    How did you come to nameberry?

    I just thought it would be interesting to find out how people found out about this site. For me, I've always had an interest in names and would frequently Google names to learn their histories and meanings. Some of this was in part due to my then-obsession with The Sims 2. I loved to find new names for my sims and eventually came upon this site and have frequented it ever since.

    How about you?


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    I've owned Pam and Linda's book 'The Brilliant Book of Baby Names' since about 2008(?). This website came up when I did a search to see if they had released any more books, and I thought it was too good to be true, to be honest. A whole website devoted to discussing a mutual love of names? Count me in!
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    I searched for baby name forums or something like that back in late 2011 to get away from the bitchiness of behind the name and lurked for about six months before joining. I felt a bit weird as I was 13 at the time but I stayed and have been here for two years. My lists have changed a bit in those years but my two top names have stayed the same even if my names aren't nameberry style I still like the feedback I get.
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    I think I got really bored during a holiday, and when that happens, I tend to get random obsessions. This time I started looking up interesting names (particularly boys names) on a website, and creating a list. Then I got obsessed with finding more and more names, and eventually, I wanted to discuss names/share my favourites with someone, so I searched baby names message boards and eventually found Nameberry. I was so happy to find a site where it wasn't weird to just talk about names (whatever age, or relationship status etc.) , and that has such an active message board!
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    I found an old name book by Pam and Linda (called Baby Names Now) when I was in 5th grade. It fell apart because I used it so much, but on there was an article that somehow referenced Nameberry, and I clicked the link. I lurked for a while and finally joined, and here I am more than a year later.

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