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    Baby born Thursday, still nameless


    All my names I liked were delicate and she came out 9 pounds and feisty and I feel nothing fits, help!

    Last name is Bell and I like things that aren't too common but none of the trendy unique spellings either, ick

    What do you see when you see this girl?
    Due in August 2014 with our first precious baby! ITS A GIRL!

    < Ellanora Bell -- Coraline Bell - Delilah Bell - Roslyn Bell >

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    Delilah is feisty!
    Eleanor is strong.
    Maybe something shorter if you feel she would fit something less frilly? Don't forget she will change, oh how she will change......
    Rosa, Cora, Norah?


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    Congratulations, your daughter is beautiful! I think Delilah fits her personality nicely; I see Delilah as strong, feisty and delicate all at the same time. The previous poster is right; she will change! My son was so quiet when he was born and during the hospital stay - boy, was that short-lived!
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    Aww so precious!

    Well, I prefer Rosalie Bell instead of Rosaline. I'm also thinking a C name. Maybe Rosalie Catherine Bell? Another name that came to mind when I
    saw her was Cressida. Cressida Bell? I know Cressida is a little less soft than what you were thinking but something about that name resonates
    with me when I see her picture.

    Good luck! She's beautiful... congrats!

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