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    Second middle name suggestions for Rain/Raine/Reign


    I posted a few weeks ago looking for unique names to go with Harlem and Symphony. I got lots of great suggestions but unfortunately most were vetoed by the Husband and some already used by extended family members such as Brooklyn and Lyric (both of which we'd love to be able to use).

    So this post is for middle name suggestions for a name I've really taken a liking to these last few days, Rain/Raine/Reign (not sure which version we'd use, and I do realize that the various spellings change the meaning) and although we're not set on it as a first name yet, we both really like it.

    My Husband still loves Nova and refuses to budge on it being included in the name, so if its not a first name than it needs to be in the middle.

    I'm not sure what order it would sound best in: Raine Nova ___ or Raine ___Nova

    So, looking for ideas on the order and a second name. We just like two middle names, no real reason. Both of our other kids have two as well. Also, no there are no family member names we're looking to honor with. Last name starts with W and is a color.


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    Nelson Bennett
    Judah Theodore
    Juddson Fletcher
    Benson Foster
    Owen Forrester
    Roslyn Jane
    Ottilie Plum
    Nola Bell
    Sunday Paulette
    Quinn Elinor

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    bump for more ideas

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