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    surname as a middle namee

    Our 2nd son is due in a few weeks & we're thinking about my wifes maiden name (Walker) as a middle name. Be interested in peoples thoughts re: surnames/maiden names as middle? Thanks : )

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    I think it's perfectly acceptable. Walker is a handsome, straightforward, masculine-sounding name. W is a fine, strong middle initial.
    My next-door neighbors growing up had four kids, all with the middle name Stone, after the mother's maiden name.
    These days the trend is to use surnames as first's. I have actually met a little Walker ____. So I think you are in safe territory. I don't think you'll regret using it.
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    It won't come off as a surname, as Walker isn't unheard of as a first name these days, so I think it works well! It's a lucky surname to have to use...

    My DD has my surname (I never took my husband's name) as her second middle name, and we'll likely continue that tradition with any future children. I like knowing she has a part of my family in there too.
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    I love the tradition. Walker makes a fine middle name.
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    Using the mother's (or grandmother's) maiden name as a middle name is one of the oldest American traditions (on the top of my head: Franklin Delano Roosevelt, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Robin McLaughlin Williams). It's a wonderful way to honour the maternal side of the family. You could easily use it as a first or second middle name for all your kids.

    Anyway Walker is a very nice name on its own right; you could even use it as a first name.
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