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    Technicall its unisex, I feel like it is, most media based references to scout as a name are girls or dogs honestly I think i like it a lot on a boy. Its got male sounds and since its a word like Joy and Rider... Well its technically unisex, I know of both genders with all sorts of word names many overlapping.

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    To me Scout is unisex but leaning more towards girl. I have heard of plenty of female scouts but never heard of it on a boy.
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    And to be clear the little girl in to kill a mocking bird was simply called scout, she had a given name as well. Her brother was also called by a nn. They were Jean Lousie & Jeremy But called Scout & Jem. The book was about equality, of gender, race and individual no matter who they were. Giving the children , mostly the daughter, unisex names allowed the authir to show the progressiveness of their father. Who in those days when it was less heard of in America was raising his children on his own, teaching them values different from what society was teaching and befriending and representing people others looked down on. This was an extremely popular novel for a lot of reasons, the girls name stands in out in a way because while it was a common nickname for boys it wasn't something you'd hear a girl called really. Now its a 'girls' name, I think that's kind of cool actually. But I do still think of it as a unisex name now that's its bridged the gap and is a female NAME and boys NAME rather than just a nn for a boy like champ or buddy.

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    I think of it as truly unisex, probably because I've never met a Scout in real life. I like it more on a girl though. On a boy it seems like a nickname a grandfather would call his grandson, like "champ" or "sport", not like a real name.
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    Thanks, everyone! I appreciate it!
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