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    Scout - Boy/Girl/Unisex, in your opinion?

    I'm a big fan of the name Scout. I used to always think girl, because I grew up listening to To Kill a Mockingbird on book-on-tape while going to bed before I could read it.) Now I consider it a boy name, but with unisex tendencies, I will accept that. In your mind, does it lean more towards boy or girl, or is it stuck right there in the middle as a perfectly unisex name. (Like the name Taylor, in my mind. Totally unisex).

    Thanks for your opinions!
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    To me, it's unisex.

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    I consider it a girl name. If I heard of someone called Scout, I would immediately assume they were a girl- the original Scout was female, as is the Willis daughter, so I would just assume that (I much prefer it on a girl anyhow). I suppose it could be used by a boy and be considered unisex, but it just doesn't sit that way in my mind.
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    I know in theory it is unisex, but I can only picture it on a girl. That might be because the only person I've met named Scout was a girl
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    My daughter is named Scout. Our dentist's daughter is also named Scout, which is pretty neat since it is so rare. I never considered it for a boy, but it would work. I have looked up the exact numbers in the past and about eighty percent of babies named Scout are girls.
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