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    I've hear Team Yellow on a baby site I go on. I just say we're not finding out the sex.
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    Around here we use Team Green.
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    Sheesh, I've seen the term TEAM GREEN bandied about round here and had no idea what it meant. So glad you folks cleared that up for me. I even googled it.... which left me even more confused! Thanks

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    Team green or I like the idea of saying yes when asked boy or girl. Or if they say do you know the gender... Say no. If they say when will you find out, say when the baby is born. If they say do you know what your having? ... say 'a baby'. Just be vague, you dont need to tell people all the time the specifics. Just smile, its no ones business what your baby looks like, he or she is hidden inside you where you can't see them, not ever definitive really with an ultrasound anyway unless its really really clear and get you won't be wrong

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