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    Avalon Sarah is a great option, my mom's name is Sarah. Or maybe mn Sadie?

    Avalon Blythe came to mind this morning (can't do Avonlea Blythe that's just over the top Anne of Green Gables, but definitley a really lovely combo).

    Avalon could be used as the mn if I found something that fits better with James and Silas.
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    I prefer Avalon since I've never known how to pronounce Avonlea, I'm not sure if it's "avon-leigh" or "avon-lay-uh". Here are some more middle name suggestions, I apologise for any repeats:

    Avalon Mae
    Avalon Sophia
    Avalon Rose
    Avalon Gwendolin / Avalon Gwen
    Avalon Elizabeth
    Avalon Grace
    Avalon Isabelle
    Avalon Georgiana / Avalon Georgina
    Avalon Mary / Avalon Maria
    Avalon Jane
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    I'm going with the minority, here. I prefer Avonlea. It seems more graceful and feminine somehow. I also like that it's further removed than Avalon from the ubiquitous Ava. "Lea" is a sweet and pretty nickname.
    Avalon sounds almost masculine to me, probably due to its association with King Arthur.
    Avonlea May is gorgeous.
    Avonlea Opal would be appropriate since your baby is due in October.
    Avonlea Pearl
    Avonlea Keturah
    Avonlea Vesper
    Avonlea Carlotta
    Avonlea Callista
    Avonlea Ophelia

    BTW, your boys' names are gorgeous! I also appreciate the link in your siggy- my son is "uncut." :-)
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