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    Another Name the Babies! G5 Results! (jinglebelldaisy)

    Family 1 _The Wells

    DH: Stellan Brick Wells
    DW: Ruby Isolde Wells

    DD: Iris Isobel Wells(befx217) (16)
    DD:Olive Rae Wells (marykathryn)(15)
    DD:Norah Avalon Wells (nycpaperdoll83)(14)
    DD/DD:June Isa Wells & Greta Alice Wells(lifesaboutmusic)(13)
    DAS/DAD: Mason Joseph Wells & Madison Josephine Wells (emitheduckling)(10)
    DD: Daphne Bridget Wells(allij28)(9)
    DAS: Micah James Wells (emitheduckling)(5)
    DS:Levi Armand Wells (redvelvet)(2)

    Family 2 - The Petershams

    DH: Bentley Elihu Petersham
    DW: Zara Wynn Petersham

    DS: Jack Phineas Petersham(sis)(15)
    DD:Lily Cordelia Petersham (fantastique)(14)
    DS: Max Gideon Petersham (allij28)(11)
    DS/DD:Owen Quincy Petersham & Ava Miriam Petersham(lifesaboutmusic)(8)
    DS/DD: Ian Alexander Petersham & Zoe Penelope Petersham (redvelvet)(2)
    Cat:Whiskers (redvelvet)
    Kitten 1:Violet (emitheduckling/redvelvet)
    Kitten 2:Leaf (emitheduckling)

    Family 3 - The Henricksons

    DH: Archer Coy Henrickson
    DW: Amelia Beau Henrickson

    DS/DD: August Drew Henrickson and Alice Eve Henrickson(emitheduckling)(22)
    DS:Alcott Frank Henrickson (emitheduckling)(20)
    DD/DD/DD: Ava Gene Henrickson, Annabelle Hope Henrickson, and Adelaide Ile Henrickson(nycpaperdoll83)(15)
    DS/DS/DD:Alexander Jude Henrickson , Auden Luke Henrickson, & Agnes Kate "Aggie" Henrickson (emitheduckling)(12)
    DD:Abigail Mae Henrickson(allij28)(9)
    DAD: Audrey Nell Henrickson (emitheduckling)(2)
    DAS/DAD:Asher Oz Henrickson and Ainsley Prim Henrickson (allij28)

    Family 4 - The Bennets

    DH: August Brody Bennet
    DW: Posey Juliet Bennet

    DD/DD: Francesca Lux Bennet & Genevieve Bly Bennet(heidielizabeth4)(18)
    DS/DS/DD/DD:Frederick Joe Bennet, Theodore Pax Bennet, Beatrice Rue Bennet, & Lavinia Bay Bennet (befx217)(10)
    DS: Arthur Cal Bennet (allij28)(2)
    DS/DD/DD:Atticus Asa Bennet, Evangeline Mei Bennet, and Cassandra Vie Bennet(redvelvet)
    Cat:Evangeline (befx217)
    Dog:Sara Neve (redvelvet)
    Dog 2:Rodeo Rick (s_dimples)
    Dog 3:Celia Ren (s_dimples)

    Family 5 - The Rynes

    DH: Henry Lysander Ryne
    DW: Madeleine Hazel Ryne

    DD: Lucinda Mae "Lucy" Ryne(emitheduckling)(14)
    DS:Clifford John "Ford" Ryne (allij28)(13)
    DD:Euphemia Rose "Emmi" Ryne (redvelvet)(10)
    DS/DS/DS/DD/DD:Leopold James "Leo" Ryne, Maximilian Clarke "Max" Ryne, Wilfred Carl "Will" Ryne, Adelina Grace "Addy" Ryne, & Belinda Paige "Belle" Ryne(allij28)(7)
    DS: Angus Mark "Gus" Ryne (allij28)(1)
    Lucy's Hermit Crab:Twilight (painted a dark purple)(redvelvet)
    Ford's Hermit Crab: Rocky - gray bumpy shell) (s_dimples)
    Emmi's Hermit Crab:Sunny (shell has a sun painted on it)(allij28)
    Leo's Hermit Crab: Dash (painted green with black polka-dots)(redvelvet)
    Max's Hermit Crab:Choco - brown rough shell(s_dimples)
    Will's Hermit Crab:Spongebob (shell has spongebob painted on it)(allij28)
    Addy's Hermit Crab:Sweetie (painted a light purple with pink hearts)(redvelvet)
    Belle's Hermit Crab:Glossy - smooth shiny brown swirl shell(s_dimples)
    Male Puppy:Kessler (emitheduckling)
    Female Puppy:Lena (allij28)

    Family 6 - The Tinkers

    DH: Texas Rhys Tinker
    DW: Oakley Carys Tinker

    Hollis adopted Son: Maverick Dakota Hollis-Tinker (nycpaperdoll83)(29)
    Wife:Charlotte Lou Hollis-Tinker (emitheduckling) (27)
    DS: Jesse Maxwell Hollis-Tinker (lolzabeth)(3)
    DS:Dallas Marshall Hollis-Tinker (redvelvet)
    Adopted Daughter: Estella Rosemary Donnovan(kate_elaine)(28)
    Husband: Henry Joseph Donovan(redvelvet)(28)
    Step-Daughter: Chloe Elizabeth Donovan (redvelvet) (10)
    DS/DD: William Archer "Will" Donovan and Lucy Sabrina Donovan (lolzabeth)(3)
    DD:Emma Seraphina Donovan (emitheduckling)
    Hollis adopted Son: Levi Edward Hollis-Tinker (redvelvet) (27)
    Wife: Vivica Coralie Hollis-Tinker (emitheduckling)(25)
    Adopted Son: Dylan Michael Tinker (sis)(25)
    Hollis adopted Son: Christian Samuel Hollis-Tinker(redvelvet)(23)
    Adopted Son: Christopher Jude "Topher" Tinker (emitheduckling)(22)
    adopted Son: Jonah Benjamin Tinker(annakatharina)(22)
    Adopted Son: Micah Theodore Tinker(s_dimples)(21)
    Hollis adopted Daughter: Lilah June Hollis-Tinker(allij28)(20)
    Boyfriend: Benjamin Charles Wright (redvelvet)(22)
    DS:Benji Rhys Wright (redvelvet)
    adopted Daughter: Sofia Paige Tinker(bailibsmum)(19)
    Adopted Daughter: Lucy Amelia Tinker(allij28)(15)
    DS/DS/DD/DD/DD/DD:Chad Alexander Tinker, Kingston Christopher Tinker, Georgia Rose Tinker, Brooklyn Sara Tinker, Jordan Paige Tinker, & Vienna Charlotte Tinker(redvelvet)(12)
    Adopted Daughter: Samantha Vivian Tinker(redvelvet)(11)
    DAS: Gavin Everett Carlisle (allij28)(10)
    DAD: Veronica Faith Carlisle (redvelvet)(7)
    DS/DD: Lincoln James Tinker & Virginia Clare Tinker(allij28)(6)
    DAD: Quinn Elizabeth Carlisle (allij28)(4)
    Adopted Daughter: Scarlett Eve Tinker(redvelvet)(3)
    DS:Everest Charles Tinker (redvelvet)

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