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    @polina that's what I figured but it's still a bit far-fetched to me.

    clementine - lovely Clementine is just so beautiful, I want to use her but I fear the horrible German pronunciation that comes with it and then there she goes... 10/10
    ottoline - not sure which pronunciation you're using; I'm not so fond of the otto part as in sound it's very feminie but in looks it's too masculine for me personally 6/10
    romilly - she's nice, not a favourite but I've got nothing negative to say, it's just not my style 7/10
    sybella - I don't like anything about this name, sorry. It's more the looks than how it sounds but it seems like two names smooshed together 4/10
    matilda - gorgeous Matilda. Love her still, always will 10/10
    wilhelmina - beautiful, very elegant and regal sounding 8/10
    tallulah - not a fan and never have been, it just always sounded a bit off to me... and then the spelling variations 6/10
    marlowe - same as tallulah
    emiliana - I like Emilia but Emiliana seems too much, like extra icing on the icing of the cake 6/10
    saskia - it sounds cool but is not really my cup of tea 7/10

    felix - fantastic felix, he's great with a great meaning and an inernational vibe to it 9.5/10
    sebastian - stunning sebastian gets a 9.5/10
    milo - milo is very handsome too, it's been on my list in the past but I don't love it anymore 8/10
    oscar - well it's on my own list so Oscar gets a 10/10
    fabian - i like it, it's very interesting with familiar sounds but the name itself it quite uncommon (I believe) 8/10
    cosmo - just reminds me of the cosmos and even more of the fairy cartoon character 6/10
    archer - I love Archie but archer I'm not sure about 8/10
    rufus - is not my style 5/10
    dashiell - dash reminds me too much of the dash symbol or a dashboard 6/10
    caius - it looks cool, it sounds cool, nice name 7/10
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    I may have rated your names awhile back but I don't remember. Anyway, my opinions change daily lol

    Ophelia: 7/10 I like the long, elegance of this name but the 'feel' part always threw me off
    Leonor: 5/10 just not my style I guess, seems like its missing something. Leonora sounds better to me and would get a 7/10
    Penelope: 7/10 I used to love this name but it's fallen off my list. My favorite thing about it is all the nicknames!
    Flora: 9/10 it's been growing on me more every day! Love it, so pretty
    August: 6/10 this one is just okay to me
    Caspar: 9/10 so cool and unique but easy to say
    Elliot: 9/10 love this one too, great sound you can't go wrong
    Oscar: 10/10 this one has jumped to my top sooo quickly, within a couple days. It's a great strong name
    Theo: 9/10 much prefer Theodore and they as a nickname but it's great anyways

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    Aurora-- kind of hard to say, but I like it.
    Aurelia-- I like it much better than Aurora
    Cordelia-- I actually really like this, and it's not really my style.
    Dahlia-- I think of the Black Dahlia murder. But if you aren't an American it may not bother you!
    Elowen-- I really am starting to like this one too!
    Lola-- Love Lola, though I prefer lula.
    Mirabel-- Another beautiful name. I really like your taste.
    Scarlett-- All I hear is Scar. :/

    Arthur-- Too proper for my taste.
    Felix-- Never been a fan of Felix, but it's not bad.
    Finnegan-- Know a newborn just given this name! Love it.
    Fletcher-- I think this is way underused.
    Griffin-- Oh how I'd love to use Griffin.
    Oliver-- Classic and quirky.
    Oscar-- Probably my least favorite from your list.
    Theodore-- I love this name. It's so handsome.

    Bear-- I love this name!
    Crispin-- Meh.
    Gulliver-- I MUCH prefer Oliver.
    Huckleberry-- A little much, but since it's a GP for you maybe you feel the same!
    Hawthorne-- It's so dignified. I like it.
    Rupert-- I dislike this.
    Sebastian-- Why a GP? It's so handsome
    Bluebell-- I think this is cute, and goes with the -belle trend.
    Clementine-- I'd never use it, but I'm starting to get the appeal.
    Echo-- ^^ same as above
    Francesca-- Love this! But wouldn't use it either.
    Primrose-- Know a little girl with this middle. I think it's sweet.
    Vesper-- *See clementine

    Overall, I think you have great taste!
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    Lincoln Rhys--10/10--love this name combo. I originally wasn't sold on Rhys, but with Lincoln, it's perfect. Good flow, as well

    Jedidiah West--9/10--love this as well. I really like West as a middle name, and the NNs Jed, and Jedi are adorable

    Aspen Sophia--9/10--this is really cute! Aspen isn't really my style, but it goes complements Sophia really well, and Sophia is a classic, timeless, and elegant name! love it!

    Gemma Lark--7/10--this is my least favorite, simply because I don't really like either name. It does flow together quite nice, though...
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    Tucker: cute, but not my style
    Sawyer: I can really only think "sawing" and "seesaw"
    Anderson: meh
    William: beautiful and classic
    Thomas: lovely
    Vincent: a great name though I dislike the nickname Vince (very weird connotations for me)
    Nathan: not sure, but I like it

    Elizabeth: absolutely gorgeous
    Eleanor: one of my favorite names ever
    Abigail: quite pretty and the nn Abby is cute
    Kathryn: I like Katherine better and Catherine best
    Olivia: really pretty
    Isabelle: I've never loved this name but it's quite charming
    Gracelynn: meh

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