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    East Coast, USA
    Hazel: I really like this one. Initially, I think of an old lady, but then I picture a boisterous, happy little girl. I like that to me it doesn't feel stuck to a certain age group/generation -- 10/10
    Luna: I like that it's short and sweet. I associate the name with one of the cats from Sailor Moon, but I don't think it's a bad association. -- 7/10
    Daphne: I'm very neutral -- 5/10
    Seraphina: It's pretty, but I just can't seem to like it -- 4/10
    Gwendolyn: Very pretty name. I can see it on a very girly girl or a tomboy type -- 9/10
    Charlotte: NMS, but I like that it's so classic --8/10

    Gabriel: One of my favorites for a long time! --10/10
    August: NMS, but I think it's another one of those names I can see on all ages -- 6/10
    Nathaniel: I love the way this sounds! I much prefer the full name over Nathan --9/10
    Felix- Short, sweet, and spunky. The cat association doesn't really bother me. --8/10
    Christopher: Great name, but there were so many when I was growing up that it lost that spark for me -- 7/10
    Theodore: Nice, classic name! I could never use it because I associate it too much with the chipmunk, but it's a great name with great nn potential. -- 10/10
    Colette ◊ Viveca ◊ Cecilia ◊ Natalia ◊ Rafaela ◊ Audrey ◊ Georgia

    Erik ◊ Anders ◊ Samuel ◊ Isaac ◊ Alistair ◊ Gabriel ◊ Ragnar

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    Colette - I like this alternative to Cosette! It's on my GP list too 8/10
    Felicity - Sounds nice 6/10
    Natalie - Not bad a name with nn Nat. Pretty common around my area so I probably wouldn't use it myself 7/10
    Vivienne - I think this names looks a little strange to me. Lots of similar letters being duplicated in the name. I would prefer Vivien. 4/10
    Ottilie - NMS. Generally not a fan on O-names for girls but more for boys.
    Audrey - Love this! 9/10

    Alistair - Not my style.
    Anders - I wouldn't use this for a first name, probably a middle. I don't see the appeal. 4/10
    Erik - I have no idea whether I prefer this or Eric haha. But definitely more unique. 6/10
    Damian - Badass name. I like it. 7/10
    Bram - I like this! It's so cute and adorable but might not wear well for a grown up. Perhaps it could be a nickname to Brandon? But nevertheless I really like this name! 8/10
    Dimitri - Hmm I think this is kinda overrated name mainly due to some popular book series but it isn't an easy name to wear! 5/10
    Shannon, a name I've adopted as my English name since '11.

    Ladies: Della § Esme § Kirsi
    Gents: Callen § Gabriel § Jun § Kristian § Leo § Ren § Will
    GPs: Bronwyn § November § Aubrey § Asa § Septimus
    Crushes: Orpheus § Octavius

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    Bronwyn - I really like Bronwen, though not so much a fan of the spelling. The 'y' just seems rather masculine to me :P (8)

    Della - ooh, I really like Della! I haven't really thought about it before, but it's lovely! (8)

    Esme - reminds me of a calm, lovely old lady - but I don't think that's a bad thing in the slightest! (9)

    Kristian/Christian - Christian is on my list, so of course I love it, though not a fan of the 'K' spelling (10)

    Gabriel - I adore Gabriel. (10)

    Rhys - never been much of a fan of Rhys. Don't like how it sounds in my accent, sorry! But it is a fine, well established name.(5)

    Will - I like William, butI don't like Will by itself (sorry). (5)


    Devon - never liked this till I met a Devon, but it's been growing on me (6)

    January - not going to lie, this is such a big GP of mine. (7)

    Kirsi - interesting, though I'm unsure on it's pronunciation. (4)

    November - again, like January. But I absolutely adore the NN Nova. Even Ember. (9)

    Valencia - not a fan, sorry! It just doesn't sit right to me. (3)

    Aries - it's okay, but it's also a star sign. (3)

    Callen - not a fan, sorry! (2)

    Castor - eh... sorry. (1)

    Eli - well established, strong name. Love it. (9)

    Griffin - this took me a while to get use to, but berries have converted me to liking it. (6)

    Jun - I prefer just June... on a girl. But definitely see the appeal. (4)

    Lars - not a fan, sorry! (1)

    Renier - not a fan, sorry! (1)

    Sage - Great. (8)

    Shylor - looks made up to me, sorry. (1)

    Theodore - love it! (10)

    Astrid Selena. Edith/Eira Primrose. Eva Vittoria. Juno Cosima. Sylvie Primrose.
    Annie Evangeline Greta Gwendolen Ingrid Jane Rowan Suki Sunny Wendy

    you look l❤vely today
    Arthur Valentino*. Elliot Christian. Thorin Altair. Vincent Orion. Walter Elio.
    Alaric Atlas Donovan Hiro Julian Leo Rio Robin Sindri Theoden Ulrich Willem

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    Oh Kiris is pronounced like 'kirsy or kirzy'

    Anna - Not bad a name. (5)
    Astrid - Not my style, I don't really see the appeal sorry! (2)
    Edith - My least favourite. Seems like an old lady name to me. (1)
    Evangeline - I think is pretty good! (7)
    Greta - Same as Edith (1)
    Gwendolen - Prefer Gwendolyn to this. The 'len' ending is a little to abrupt for me (4)
    Jane - too plain for me. Plus negative associations with someone I know (1)
    Ophelia - I like the name, its beautiful sounding (8)
    Poppy - Cute and lovely name, my favourite! (10)
    Victoria - Not bad a name. (7)

    Augustus - Oh wow, Hazel and Augustus :P Augustus is a mouthful so I would prefer August (4)
    Cassian - Not my style. I would prefer Caspian. The double 's' looks out of place sorry! (1)
    Christian - Favourite! Perfect name (10)
    Donovan - Cool dark name, I like the nickname Don/Dov/Dove (7)
    Edmund - Not too big a fan of Ed-names like Edward (2)
    Elliot - Not sure how to pronounce this, sounds weird when I say it but it looks cute! (6)
    Julian - Oh I love J-names in general like Julius and Julien. Sweet name (9)
    Theodore - on my list too, love it! (10)
    Vincent - charming name (7.5)
    Shannon, a name I've adopted as my English name since '11.

    Ladies: Della § Esme § Kirsi
    Gents: Callen § Gabriel § Jun § Kristian § Leo § Ren § Will
    GPs: Bronwyn § November § Aubrey § Asa § Septimus
    Crushes: Orpheus § Octavius

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    Bronwyn 7/10 ~ A lovely and quite vintage welsh name, Really nice also like Branwen/Wyn
    Della 4/10~ not so taken on this name, NMS. But it is a nice name maybe a middle name?
    Esme 9/10~ A fave of mine. A really nice name.
    Kristian/Christian 6/10~ gunna give this a 6 as i like it but i associate it with someone so im not too much of a fan.
    Gabriel 7/10~ I like it with Gave as a nickname.
    Rhys 4/10~ Im not a fan of this spelling io do happen to like this spelling 'Reese' i think that it is easier to spell than rhys..
    Will - 3/10- I think it has to be the full name.

    Devon 10/10~ My brothers middle name and i love it.
    January 5/10- not so keen on it really as NMS
    Kirsi- 5/10- Different..
    November (Nova/Ember) 7/10- Love the nicknames but im not sure if i woudl ever be able to use the hole as a name.. be to scared..
    Valencia 4/10- NMS
    Aries - 5/10-As a middle would be nice,.
    Callen 6/10- I like this as i think it is a more better version of callum.. and it has a better ring to it IMO.
    Castor 1/10- no no defo no.. Castor Oil comes to mind
    Eli - 7/10- Now i liek eli and i liek it as a name on its own and also for the nickname to elijah,
    Griffin 6/10- Like it alot , but liek phoenix that lil bit more.
    Jun (pronounced: June) - As a middle nice, but i think ppl might get confused and want to add the e on the end.
    Lars- 5/10- Differnt. A name that comes up alot in gaming i find. Its a nice name very old timey i think. a bit vintage.
    Renier/Ren - 4/10 - Nice but NMS
    Sage - NMS but nice a s a middle i think. 6/10
    Shylor - shy-lor?? Hrmm... Seems like a smush of skylor and shiloh but with a y. dont think im a fan really.. 2.5/10
    Theodore 8/10- I like the name but i think i prefer theo on its own.

    hope i didnt offend, i expect my sig will get slaughtered now :S xx
    εїз Danielle
    B.A.R '08
    L.F.A '10

    Dazzling Dappers ✂┅┅Phoenix Jaxon Xavier Alan /Alaric┅┅┅
    Delightful Divas ✂┅┅Kairi Peyton Lilith Alana ┅┅┅┅

    Other names we like - Xander┆Xzavier┆Chase┆Niklaus┆Elijah ┆ Caius┆Phoenix┆Seth┆ Alaric┆Rory┆Casey┆Jesse
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