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    babynamegenie poll names

    I like to look at the polls on babynamegenie .com and see what kind of names people have questions about.

    Here a list of names/combos from today that really caught my eye (some bad, some good).

    What do you think of these:

    Winter Lily
    Lila Snow The discription said they pr. Lila [lee-la]
    Lauica "Lauica is pronounced law-ree-kah"
    Primrose Victoria nn Posy

    Sage Augustus
    River Gabriel
    Florence & Rosalind

    Hermione Aria Clare Adeline Fox Lily Octavia Jane Lillia Orchid
    Marina Ondine Tatiana Carys Amélie Jane Ottilie Fleur Anwen Victoria

    August Joel Findlay Theodore Caspian Grey Tobias Henry Peregrine
    Atticus Marlowe Magnus Reid Alexander Emmett Nathaniel Rhys

    Trying out:
    Zosia Orchid & Dante Viridian Arthur

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    my favorites -

    Winter Lily - I find this quite charming. I picture someone that enjoys the outdoors, is artistic, and has a happy, easy-going personality.
    Evelin - I love Evelyn, not fond of the Evelin spelling.

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    Livianne - nice, its just okay. pretty though.
    Dara - is it dar-uh or dare-uh? either way, its not my favorite.
    Minerva - not really my kind of name, it sounds like mineral combined with nerve
    Hollister - uh, NO! I think of the clothing company which TONS of teenagers wear so when this poor girl is older... at least her name will be on her t-shirts!
    Lisandra - its pretty but I like Alessandra better
    Sophelia - Sophie + Ophelia = Sophelia! sounds like a combo name but I like both names so its not absolutely HORRIBLE
    Amora - pretty
    Winter Lily - I like this one. both names are on my favorites list and they sound good together.
    Lila Snow The discription said they pr. Lila [lee-la] - well, I liked it until I read the pronunciation. Leila or Lela would work but when you see the name Lila it should be pronounced lie-la
    Edie - um, no. my grandma's crazy neighbor has this name. I like Eden better.
    Evelin - ok, nicknames could be Eve or Evie. I like Everly a bit better though.
    Lauica "Lauica is pronounced law-ree-kah" - it doesn't sound bad but where's the R??? the spelling is just confusing though.
    Primrose Victoria nn Posy - its sweet and cute and I like both of these names! I like the nickname Prim better, but Posy is really cute!
    Camia - cam - eye- uh or cam-ee-uh? Its just ok either way, and makes me think of the lady off of Dance Moms.
    Neriah - just ok, but is it ner-eye-uh or ner-ee-uh? If its ner-eye-uh, its ok but the other one is not good.

    Deke - don't like it. Duke sounds more like a name to me.
    Sage Augustus - nice, not my style though
    River Gabriel - I like Gabriel River better but this is still nice
    Lane - again not my style but ok
    Nevin - I never heard this name, just like Devin
    Idris - no
    Herbie - reminds me of that movie about that VW Beetle! no as a name though/
    Macai/Makai - no

    They weren't all horrible but definitely not my style of names...Except for Winter Lily and Lila Snow. I also liked Livianne and Primrose Victoria.
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    I absolutely love Sage Augustus and River Gabriel.
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    Livianne - A bit too frilly for me
    Dara - I like it. I also like Daria.
    Minerva - Too HP for me.
    Hollister - No. I have no problem with brand names or surnames as firsts, but some are just not usable.
    Lisandra - I like it. I believe it is originally spelled Lysandra though. Because it's the female version of Lysander.
    Sophelia - No. Sounds too much like Zoophilia.
    Amora - Love
    Winter Lily - Very quirky and outdoorsy. Like.
    Lila Snow The discription said they pr. Lila [lee-la] - Okay. just wrong pronunciation IMO
    Edie - Mheh
    Evelin - Seems incomplete. Evelyn, Eveline or Evelina would be better
    Lauica "Lauica is pronounced law-ree-kah" - Just lookst like a random jumble of letters
    Primrose Victoria nn Posy - A bit cutesy, but very pretty. Love
    Camia - prefer Cambria
    Neriah - okay.

    Deke - looks like a smush of Zeke and Duke. Dislike
    Sage Augustus - Love Sage on a boy. But does not pair with Augustus all that well.
    River Gabriel - Okay. NMS
    Lane - Love
    Nevin - Okay
    Idris - Okay. NMS
    Herbie - I agree with pp
    Macai/Makai - I though "isn't that a type of monkey?" I looked it up and the monkey is called a macaque. But I really was convinced it was Makai at first. So I'm saying No to this one.

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