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    babynamegenie poll names

    I like to look at the polls on babynamegenie .com and see what kind of names people have questions about.

    Here a list of names/combos from today that really caught my eye (some bad, some good).

    What do you think of these:

    Winter Lily
    Lila Snow The discription said they pr. Lila [lee-la]
    Lauica "Lauica is pronounced law-ree-kah"
    Primrose Victoria nn Posy

    Sage Augustus
    River Gabriel
    Florence Afton Eugenia 2009 & Rosalind Eva Louise 2014

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    August Joel Findlay / Theodore Caspian Grey / Hugo Keats

    Trying out: Eden Victoria Pearl and Elisha Dominic ( Sage )

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    my favorites -

    Winter Lily - I find this quite charming. I picture someone that enjoys the outdoors, is artistic, and has a happy, easy-going personality.
    Evelin - I love Evelyn, not fond of the Evelin spelling.

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    Livianne - nice, its just okay. pretty though.
    Dara - is it dar-uh or dare-uh? either way, its not my favorite.
    Minerva - not really my kind of name, it sounds like mineral combined with nerve
    Hollister - uh, NO! I think of the clothing company which TONS of teenagers wear so when this poor girl is older... at least her name will be on her t-shirts!
    Lisandra - its pretty but I like Alessandra better
    Sophelia - Sophie + Ophelia = Sophelia! sounds like a combo name but I like both names so its not absolutely HORRIBLE
    Amora - pretty
    Winter Lily - I like this one. both names are on my favorites list and they sound good together.
    Lila Snow The discription said they pr. Lila [lee-la] - well, I liked it until I read the pronunciation. Leila or Lela would work but when you see the name Lila it should be pronounced lie-la
    Edie - um, no. my grandma's crazy neighbor has this name. I like Eden better.
    Evelin - ok, nicknames could be Eve or Evie. I like Everly a bit better though.
    Lauica "Lauica is pronounced law-ree-kah" - it doesn't sound bad but where's the R??? the spelling is just confusing though.
    Primrose Victoria nn Posy - its sweet and cute and I like both of these names! I like the nickname Prim better, but Posy is really cute!
    Camia - cam - eye- uh or cam-ee-uh? Its just ok either way, and makes me think of the lady off of Dance Moms.
    Neriah - just ok, but is it ner-eye-uh or ner-ee-uh? If its ner-eye-uh, its ok but the other one is not good.

    Deke - don't like it. Duke sounds more like a name to me.
    Sage Augustus - nice, not my style though
    River Gabriel - I like Gabriel River better but this is still nice
    Lane - again not my style but ok
    Nevin - I never heard this name, just like Devin
    Idris - no
    Herbie - reminds me of that movie about that VW Beetle! no as a name though/
    Macai/Makai - no

    They weren't all horrible but definitely not my style of names...Except for Winter Lily and Lila Snow. I also liked Livianne and Primrose Victoria.
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    I absolutely love Sage Augustus and River Gabriel.
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    Livianne - A bit too frilly for me
    Dara - I like it. I also like Daria.
    Minerva - Too HP for me.
    Hollister - No. I have no problem with brand names or surnames as firsts, but some are just not usable.
    Lisandra - I like it. I believe it is originally spelled Lysandra though. Because it's the female version of Lysander.
    Sophelia - No. Sounds too much like Zoophilia.
    Amora - Love
    Winter Lily - Very quirky and outdoorsy. Like.
    Lila Snow The discription said they pr. Lila [lee-la] - Okay. just wrong pronunciation IMO
    Edie - Mheh
    Evelin - Seems incomplete. Evelyn, Eveline or Evelina would be better
    Lauica "Lauica is pronounced law-ree-kah" - Just lookst like a random jumble of letters
    Primrose Victoria nn Posy - A bit cutesy, but very pretty. Love
    Camia - prefer Cambria
    Neriah - okay.

    Deke - looks like a smush of Zeke and Duke. Dislike
    Sage Augustus - Love Sage on a boy. But does not pair with Augustus all that well.
    River Gabriel - Okay. NMS
    Lane - Love
    Nevin - Okay
    Idris - Okay. NMS
    Herbie - I agree with pp
    Macai/Makai - I though "isn't that a type of monkey?" I looked it up and the monkey is called a macaque. But I really was convinced it was Makai at first. So I'm saying No to this one.

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