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    Who cares what people assume? If you choose a name you love and people assume you are a "Harry Potter nerd" or into Twilight or whatever, what difference does it make?

    The only person/people's opinions who should matter are yours, your SO, and the future child. If you love the name Hermione, why not use? There are no negative associations and you can always tell you daughter, "I always loved the name and I wasn't going to let a character in a children's book series keep me from using a name I loved."

    That said, I would not saddle child with a name that had very negative associations even if I loved it (Adolph may have a nice sound but remains usuable.)
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    "Ruined" is a strong word, but yes, I do take into consideration pop culture when choosing favorite names. I'm more likely to be turned off if a particular name has one very strong, almost unmistakable namesake, or if the character is particularly unsavory.

    Many times, though, I think we worry a bit too much about how others *might* perceive a name. If you love it, use it. No name is going to be universally liked, and people will always make negative associations with a name (a jealous ex-girlfriend, a mean co-worker, a bratty neighbor child), etc. that you can't possibly account for.

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    I don't often put bad popular culture references into consideration when discovering new names, although there are a few exceptions. I love Ebenezer, but Scrooge has ruined that one for me. I would never be able to use it since I'm a massive fan of Christmas, and if I did use it in the future, people might think that I hate Christmas or something, like the character does. I'm also reconsidering Elliott, since there was a rather horrible character in the previous book that I read (The Greengage Summer) called Eliot. He seemed alright at first, but got more violent as the book went on. I also like Adolphine, but for obvious reasons, this is unusable. It's a shame when one evil person ruins all names related to theirs.
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