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Thread: Theron River

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    Theron River

    My baby boy was born Friday, August 15th. He came out 10 pounds 7 ounces and 22 inches long!

    My husband and I had agreed on Jackson River months ago, but I never loved it, because of it being so popular. I told him a few weeks before our baby was to be born that I wanted to change the first name. He said I could name him whAtever I want! (This is our 3rd baby and he has named #1 & #2)

    I narrowed it down to Theron, Leighton, and Bryant. After he was born my oldest son was already calling him Theron River, so that is what we went with!

    The nurse in the Mommy&Baby unit at the hospital told me she seems to have 1 Jackson on the floor every night! I'm so glad we changed it! What do you think of his name?
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    I like it and support the last minute decision! Congratulations!
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    Congratulations! I think Theron River is a handsome name, and am glad you went with it in the end.
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    Congratulations! Theron River is a great choice!
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    Congratulations! I love Theron River; such a brilliant name!
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