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    Another late announcement- He is 6 months

    He is 6 months old, born by unplanned c-section, wonderful, sweet, and strong willed.

    His name is:

    Eli Joaquin

    He is my pride and joy, and was born February 11 2014.

    Many here may have seen me as of late gathering more baby names for number 2. I'm not pregnant yet, but I'm sure in love with my baby boy, and at one point was considering him to be an only child. Yet 2 feels more like me.

    Maybe in 9 months, or 10 or even 18 I will put another announcement on this site stating the name of his brother or sister. For now, I'm enjoying my baby boy.
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    Very handsome! Congratulations!
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    A belated congratulations to you! His name is handsome.
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    Congratulations! He has a lovely name
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    Eli Joaquin is pure perfection.
    And it's never too early or too late to start name collecting. We found our current "boy" name top pick (Angus) while I was just poking around on here- about a year ago, I think. And now we are expecting #2! So glad to have the boy name all set! :-)
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