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Thread: Lewis or Jonas?

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    Question Lewis or Jonas?


    We will be welcoming our fourth son in just five short weeks! I admit that I'm struggling this time around. Our first three sons' names are Silas, Jack & Elliott. Our current front runners for this new sweet one are Lewis and Jonas. My hesitation with Lewis is that he will be called Lou or Lewie... both of which I am not a fan of. My hesitation with Jonas is that its popularity will soon skyrocket thanks to the movie The Giver coming out this fall.

    What do you think? HELP!

    We're also stumped for middle names. Family names that we would like to incorporate are Scott, Alfred, Canaday, Emerson... but I'm not sure any of them are really winning me over. I also like Avary as a middle name in tribute to our favorite musician (Bryce Avary of The Rocket Summer).
    Our last name is Idle.

    SO... advice?

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    How do you know that Jonas will skyrocket because of The Giver? Edward's popularity was unaffected by Twilight, which was considerably more high profile than The Giver. I like Jonas so much more than Lewis; it has a strength to it that Lewis doesn't have. Jonas Avary would work.
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    I prefer Lewis with your sibset. Just be firm on not using Lou until he's old enough to choose for himself. There will always be people ignoring your wishes, but those same people might call Jonas Jonny. I like Lewis Avary a lot.
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    I like Jonas better with Avary or Emerson.
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    I prefer Lewis with your sibset (:

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