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    WDYT of the names that have appeared.... my Name of the Moment section of my signature so far? They are:
    Ayla (girl)
    Caroline (girl)
    Rebecca (girl)
    Cai (girl)
    Percival "Percy" (boy)
    Kieran (boy)
    Socrates (boy)
    Charlie (girl)
    Lux (girl)
    Felix (boy)

    I change it a lot. Overall, do you like or dislike more of these? And as the title states, WDYT of them?

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    Ayla - while it's not my style, I really love it!
    Caroline - this is nice, but a bit boring.
    Rebecca - see Caroline
    Cai - I don't mind Kai on a boy, it's ok, but I'm not a fan, and definitely don't like it on a girl. It sort of reminds me of koi fish.
    Percival "Percy" - I love Percy, but not really a fan of Percival.
    Kieran - absolutely love Kieran!
    Socrates - After grade 12 English, I have heard this way too much, and I really dislike it (my English teacher had an obsession with the Greek philosopher, we literally spent 2 months talking about Socrates).
    Charlie - eh, I like it a lot more for a boy, but for a girl, I prefer Charlotte or Lottie, or even Charlize.
    Lux - I've never, ever seen the appeal to this, I really dislike it.
    Felix - see Lux.

    Charlie. Thomas. Jamie. Thomas. Aaron. Joel. Freddie. Ethan. Harrison.
    Henry. Matthew. Hadley. Addison. Andrew. Ashton. Ollie. Albert. Jake.

    Jayne. Millie. Charlotte. Alice. Eleanor. Hannah. Harriet. Claire. Martha.
    Minnie. Rosie. Tilly. Annabelle. Sophie. Kathryn. Violet. Betsy. Lucy-Mae.

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    I love Ayla is it because of The Clan of The Cavebear books ?

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    Ayla (girl) - Makes me think Clan of the Cave Bear (not a bad thing), but not my style
    Caroline (girl) - ok
    Rebecca (girl) - nice classic name
    Cai (girl) - not my style, and seems spelled wrong, also isn't it more of a boy's name?
    Percival "Percy" (boy) - could work, makes me think of King Arthur
    Kieran (boy) - not bad
    Socrates (boy) - I kinda like this, unusual and nerdy in a good way
    Charlie (girl) - I don't like Charlie as a given name, just as a nickname
    Lux (girl) - sounds "ghetto" to me
    Felix (boy) - not too common, like it a lot

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