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    Sibling names with the same first letter: ok or not?

    Maybe this discussion has happened before on here, forgive me I'm new!

    I just had my first earlier this year (Adelaide Iria) and my husband and I def. want more! I love names and would like a big family, but most of my favorite names start with "A." To name a few....



    Is is ok to have say, 4 or 5 siblings all starting with the same letter? Is it cheesy/gimmicky? Make you want to gag? Does it feel unoriginal? Let me know what you think!

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    I think it's okay as long as the names aren't too similar or too forced (like Khloe, for example). I do think that if you start the pattern then you should continue it for all of your children. I know someone who did this with their first three children and then chose something completely different for their fourth child. I wouldn't want one child to feel left out.

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    It feels cheesy to me, simply meaning I wouldn't do it myself. But I wouldn't necessarily think someone else had poor taste or was cheesy if they did it.

    I think it's only okay if, like you, you have a vast collection of names you love starting with the same letter. I can't stand when the first few kids get beloved, awesome names and the later kids get... well, Jinger Duggar ring a bell? Or where the later kids end up with versions of the same name. I know a HUGE family of F names and they have a Felicia and a Felicity. That doesn't seem fair.

    I like the "two is a coincidence, three is a theme" rule. If you give your second kid an A name because that's your favorite name, I don't think you have to give one to your third. But if you give kids 1-3 an A name, Kid 4 gets one too. Whether they want it or not I have 3 siblings. Sibs 1 and 3 have non-M names and sibs 2 and 4 have M names - only because those were the names my parents liked most. Since it's half and half, it doesn't feel like my parents were going for a theme and dropped it.
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    thank you, that helps! It's always nice to get other's opinions

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    For me, having five children whose name all start with the same letter is a bit much, although four or less is fine. I think it can be quite sweet - King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima of the Netherlands have three daughters, who are Amalia, Alexia and Ariane, meaning that all their first names start with the same letter. I also know a couple whose children are Allegra and Andrea (both girls), which I like together as well. From your list, I think Asher and Ariadne are my favourites with Adelaide.
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