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    The all-American, beachy Dawson Family
    DH: Taylor Adam Dawson
    DW: Rosa Jay Dawson
    DS: Callum Jonah Dawson
    DD: Faith Olivia Dawson
    DD: Lucy Faye Dawson
    DS/DS: Jack Taylor Dawson & Wesley Blake Dawson

    Dogs: Felix & Nettie
    Cats: Tom & Jo-Jo
    Mouse: Harriet
    "Tate, Rose, Cal, Faith, Lucy, Jack & Wes; Felix, Nettie, Tom, Jo-Jo, & Harriet"

    The traditional, conservative 'Kirksey' Family:
    DH: Peter Ryan Kirksey
    DW: Nadia Ellen Kirksey
    DD: Lila Leigh Kirksey
    DD: Jenna Irene Kirksey
    DD: Noelle Katheryn Kirksey

    Dog: Graham
    "Pete, Nadia, Lila, Jenna, & Ellie; Graham"

    The scholarly, hipster 'Piper' family:
    DH: Owen Robert Piper
    DW: Diana Louise Piper
    DS: Elias Vaughn Piper

    Cats: Emmett & Oreo
    "Owen, Diana, & Eli; Emmett & Oreo"

    The posh, Euro 'Holbrook' family:
    DH: Lucas Oliver Holbrook
    DW: Victoria Zoe Holbrook
    DD: Freya Drew Holbrook
    DS: Philip Finn Holbrook
    DS: Eben William Holbrook
    DS/DS: Xander Elias Holbrook/Levi Isaiah Holbrook

    Puppy: Rylie
    "Luke, Tory, Freya, Philip, Eben, Xander, & Levi; Rylie"

    The woodsy 'Bratton' daddy and his quadruplets
    DFather: Robert Blake Bratton

    DD/DD/DD/DS: Katherine Tate Bratton, Rylee Noelle Bratton, Vivian Maisie Bratton, Joel Yvez Bratton

    Dogs: Valor, Max, & Willow
    Cat: Nala
    Rabbit: Leila
    "Bobby, Katie, Rylee, Maisie, & Joey; Valor, Max, Willow, Nala, & Leila"

    The happy Canadian 'Quentin' clan:
    DH: Nathaniel Thomas Quentin
    DW: Nora Madeleine Quentin
    DD: Madeleine Marie Quentin
    DS: Ezekiel Callum Quentin
    ADD: Ruby Persephone Quentin
    ADD: Aziza Zoe Quentin
    DS: Ian Luke Quentin
    DD: Winona Vivian Quentin

    Dog: Jasper
    Duck: Ivory
    "Nate, Nora, Maddie, Zeke, Ruby, Ziza, Ian, & Winnie; Jasper & Ivory"

    The modern, urban 'Norton-Graham' family:
    DH: Gabriel Theodore Norton
    DH: Alexander Elijah Graham
    DD: Hope Sophia Norton-Graham
    DD: Piper Blair Norton-Graham
    DS: Colin Kai Norton-Graham

    Lizard: Charlie
    "Gabe, Alex, Hope, Piper, & Colin; Charlie"

    The large multi-generational 'Underwood' family:
    Age 70s paternal DGp: Thomas Raymond Underwood
    DGm: Diane Esther Underwood
    Age 50s DH: Henry Robert Underwood
    DW: Michelle Anna-Marie Underwood

    Age 20s DS: Graidon Levi Underwood
    Fiancee: Fiona Victoria Thomas

    Age Teens DD: Sophia Olive Underwood
    DD: Kylie Soren Underwood

    Age child DS: Roman Nathaniel Underwood
    DD: Winifred Ramona Underwood

    Infant DS/DS: Masen Kyle Underwood/Blaise Cameron Underwood

    Dogs: Vance & Rocky
    Cat: Patches
    "Tom & Diane; Henry & Michelle; Graidon (Fiona), Sophia, Kylie, Roman, Winnie, Masen, & Blaise; Vance, Rocky, & Patches"

    The cozy young 'Winchester' family reads books together at home:
    DH: Michael Noah Winchester
    DW: Ruby Anne Winchester
    DD: Ella Paige Winchester
    DD: Lilith Marie Winchester

    Cat: Lazarus
    "Mike, Ruby, Ella, & Lily; Lazarus"

    The country-proud Texan family, the 'Sutton' crew:
    DH: Chance Ulysses Sutton
    DW: Vanessa Yvonne Sutton
    DS: Isaac Vaughn Sutton
    DS: Philip Wesley Sutton
    DS: Micah Nicolas Sutton
    DS: Tatum Carter Sutton
    DD: Darby Louise Sutton

    Horses: Charlie, Blaze, Roscoe, & Thunder
    Chickens: Kenny & Landry
    Cats: Dawson, Ash, & Quinn
    Dogs: Rex, Rocky, & Orion
    "Chance, Nessa, Vaughn, Philip, Micah, Tate & Darby; Charlie, Blaze, Roscoe, Thunder, Kenny, Landry, Dawson, Ash, Quinn, Rex, Rocky, & Orion"
    Momma to little Theodore Jack (7/2/14), and Everett William & Nora Elizabeth (12/29/15).

    Wesley James, Samuel Edward, Landon Jace, Declan Levi, Blaise Elliot, Elias John, Everett William, Tobias Benjamin, Dominic Eli
    Faith Elizabeth, Clara Rose, Elena Harper, Maisie Eloise, Margo Elizabeth, Nora Cadence, Lydia Diane, Aurora Blair, Amelia Rose

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    Rhode Island
    DH: Theodore Andrew Danza.
    DW: Rachel Jordan Danza (Bodily).
    DS: Christopher James Danza.
    DD: Francesca Olive Danza.
    DD: Lauren Frances Danza.
    DS/DS: Jonathan Thomas Danza & William Brian Danza.

    Dogs: Fido & Nico.
    Cats: Teddy & Josie.
    Mouse: Harry.


    DH: Paul Richard Kil.
    DW: Nicole Elizabeth Kil (Amos).
    DD: Luna Leonore Kil.
    DD: Juniper Isabelle Kil.
    DD: Nathalia Kimberly Kil.

    Dog: Graham.


    DH: Olivier Roland Patterson.
    DW: Danica Leona Patterson (Grey).
    DS: Evanna Vivian Patterson.

    Cats: Eleanor & Ophelia.


    DH: Lionel Oscar Hennigan.
    DW: Victoria Zenobia Hennigan (Pompeo).
    DD: Fiona Danielle Hennigan.
    DS: Peter Francis Hennigan.
    DS: Edward William Hennigan.
    DS/DS: Xavier Elliott Hennigan & Leonard Isidore Hennigan.

    Puppy: Rico.


    DF: Robert Brandon Binder.

    DD/DD/DD/DS: Kelsey Theodora Binder, Rachael Nicolette Binder, Veronica Mabel Binder, Jason Yousef Binder.

    Dogs: Vinny, Maisy, & Wilbur.
    Cat: Nina.
    Rabbit: Lily.


    DH: Nathan Theodor Quinton.
    DW: Naomi Marie Quinton (Kingsbury).
    DD: Mariana Michelle Quinton.
    DS: Emmett Cameron Quinton.
    ADD: Rochelle Paige Quinton.
    ADD: Adelaide Zoe Quinton.
    DS: Izakiel Leonard Quinton.
    DD: Wilhelmina Vivian Quinton.

    Dog: Joey.
    Duck: Ice Cube.


    DH: Gregory Timothy Navarro.
    DH: Alexander Edmond Galvez.
    DD: Hannah Susan Navarro-Galvez.
    DD: Penelope Brielle Navarro-Galvez.
    DS: Camden Kellan Navarro-Galvez.

    Lizard: Calliope.


    Age 70s paternal DGp: Trevor Remus Uribe.
    DGm: Delilah Eugenie Uribe (Arteaga).
    Age 50s DH: Henry Ramon Uribe.
    DW: Melissa Ann Uribe (Cycenas).

    Age 20s DS: Gavin Leonardo Uribe.
    Fiancee: Felicia Vivienne Taborda.

    Age Teens DD: Savannah Ottilie Uribe.
    DD: Kalliope Suzanne Uribe.

    Age child DS: Rhys Nicholas Uribe.
    DD: Willow Ruby Uribe.

    Infant DS/DS: Mathieu Kellen Uribe & Brendon Callum Uribe.

    Dogs: Vera & Rudy.
    Cat: Petra.


    DH: Marcus Nathaniel Wall.
    DW: Riona Angelique Wall (Botelho).
    DD: Euphemia Persephone Wall.
    DD: Leonora Marceline Wall.

    Cat: Lila.


    DH: Camden Ulysses Smolowitz.
    DW: Victoria Yvonne Smolowitz (Peters).
    DS: Isaiah Vincent Smolowitz.
    DS: Piper Wilhelm Smolowitz.
    DS: Markus Nathan Smolowitz.
    DS: Tristan Christofer Smolowitz.
    DD: Daniella Leigh Smolowitz.

    Horses: Cam, Brenna, Ritz, & Tommy.
    Chickens: Kellie & Lennon.
    Cats: Dina, Alice, & Queen.
    Dogs: Robbie, Rice, & Olivia.

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    LN: Dawson

    DH: Thomas Andrew
    DW: Ruth Jeanette
    - DS1: Charlie Joseph
    - DD1: Farrah Olivia
    - DD2: Lauren Felicity
    - DS2/DS3: Jacob Thomas & William Bradley

    Dogs: Finn & Norton
    Cats: Tom & Jerry
    Mouse: Hamish


    LN: Kane

    DH: Peter Robert
    DW: Natalie Elizabeth
    - DD1: Lily Louise
    - DD2: Jenna Imogen
    - DD3: Noemi Kate

    Dog: Gunner


    LN: Peterson

    DH: Oscar Rufus
    DW: Daniela Lois
    - DS1: Evan Vaughn

    Cats: Effie & Ozzy


    LN: Hadley

    DH: Lee Oliver
    DW: Victoria Zoe
    - DD1: Faye Danielle
    - DS1: Preston Felipe
    - DS3: Ezra Wilfred
    - DS4/DS5: Xander Enzo & Lee Isaac

    Dog: Rex


    LN: Brown

    DH: Richard Benjamin
    - DD1/DD2/DD3/DS1: Kaitlin Tessa, Rebekah Nicole, Vannah Mirabelle & Jayden Yates

    Dogs: Vito, Milo & Will
    Cat: Nitti
    Rabbit: Loppsy


    LN: Quinn

    DH: Niall Thomas
    DW: Nicola Marie
    - DD1: Madeline Macey
    - DS1: Edward Cole
    - DD2: Rosalie Pippa
    - DD3: Amelia Zoey
    - DS2: Isaiah Layton
    - DD4: Weston Vince

    Dog: Jack
    Duck: Iggy


    LN: Nelson-Graves

    DH: Gregory Torbin
    DH: Aiden Ebenezer
    - DD1: Hannah Susan
    - DD2: Penney Beth
    - DS1: Callum Kane

    Lizard: Cammy


    LN: Underwood

    GF: Theodore Roald
    GM: Doris Emmeline
    - DH: Henry Roald
    - DW: Mary Allison
    -- DS1: Greyson Laith
    -- DF: Faith Victoria (LN: Thompson)
    -- DD1: Sarah Olivia
    -- DD2: Katie Sophia
    -- DS2: Reuben Nicholas
    -- DD3: Willow Rosalie
    -- DS3/DS4: Mason Kaleb & Benjamin Cole

    Dogs: Vinnie & Rosie
    Cat: Percy


    LN: Wilson

    DH: Matthew Richard
    DW: Rebekah Anne
    - DD1: Ella Penelope
    - DD1: Lily Madeline

    Cat: Lola


    LN: Sullivan

    DH: Christopher Utah
    DW: Violet Yasmine
    - DS1: Isaac Vito
    - DS2: Parker Wilf
    - DS3: Max Nathaniel
    - DS4: Theodore Cale
    - DD1: Daisy Lenora

    Horses: Charlie, Beatrice, Rose & Tommy
    Chickens: Kacey & Lacey
    Cats: Dottie, Allie & Quinn
    Dogs: Robbie, Rocky & Otto

    Girls: Ella, Imogen, Freya, Amelia, Chloe, Isabella, Hannah, Charlotte, Eleanor, Sophia, Jessica, Eden, Madeline, Abigail, Beth, Ava, Erika, Zara, Matilda, Milena, Tilly & Molly.

    Boys: Oscar, Isaac, Jacob, Edward, Noah, Harry, Theodore, Zachary, Zane, Nathaniel, Daniel, Lucas, Mason, Benjamin, Milo, Adam, Reuben, Jensen, Micah, Archie, Ezra, Joshua, Riley, Samuel & Maddox

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    *Family One*
    DH: Tyson Adam Denby
    DW: Ria Julianne Denby
    Carter Jared Denby
    Fallyn Olivia Denby
    Layla Faith Denby
    Jaxon Tyler Denby & Weston Brock Denby
    Dogs: Fuller & Noogan
    Cats: Tallulah & Jewels
    Mouse: Humphrey

    *Family Two*
    {Love that house!!}
    DH: Patrick Reid Keller
    DW: Naomi Elise Keller
    Lydia Lucille Keller
    Julia Isobel Keller
    Nora Katherine Keller
    Dog: Geneveive

    *Family Three*
    DH: Owen Riley Porter
    DW: Delia Lynnae Porter
    Easton Vaughn Porter
    Cats: Edgar & Ollie

    *Family Four*
    DH: Lucas Oliver Hanson
    DW: Vivienne Zara Hanson
    Felicity Danica Hanson
    Preston Felix Hanson
    Evan Walker Hanson
    Xander Elliott Hanson & Liam Isaac Hanson
    Puppy: Roscoe

    *Family Five*
    {Love this house too!}
    DF: Rhys Brennan Bromley
    •Karigan Tahlia Bromley, Raelyn Noelle Bromley, Vienna Madison Bromley, Jensen Yale Bromley
    Dogs: Vince, Manny & Waylon
    Cat: Nahla
    Rabbit: Lucy

    *Family Six*
    {and this one! You're really good at picking houses!}
    DH: Noah Thomas Quimby
    DW: Natalie May Quimby
    •Makynna May Quimby
    Evander Cade Quimby
    •Rielle Paisley Quimby
    •Annastyn Zoe Quimby
    Ian Levi Quimby
    Warren Vincent Quimby
    Dog: Jennings
    Duck: Ivan

    *Family Seven*
    DH: Grant Travis Nealon
    DH: Andrew Elijah Garrison
    Harlow Sophia Nealon-Garrison
    Piper Brielle Nealon-Garrison
    Chase Killian Nealon-Garrison
    Lizard: Chaz

    *Family Eight*
    DGP: Thomas Richard Upton
    DGM: Dianna Eleanor Upton
    DH: Henry Richard Upton
    DW: Madeline Alice Upton
    Garrett Levi Upton
    -Faith Victoria Thompson

    Sienna Olive Upton
    Kinsley Scarlett Upton

    Rowen Nicholas Upton
    Willow Raely Upton

    Maddox Keegan Upton & Beckett Chance Upton

    Dogs: Violet & Rose
    Cat: Petunia

    *Family Nine*
    DH: Manning Nolan Wahl
    DW: Rosalie Alana Wahl
    Eliana Paityn Wahl
    Lila Makynzie Wahl
    Cat: Lucky

    *Family Ten*
    DH: Chandler Ulrich Spackey
    DW: Vivian Yvonne Spackey
    Isaiah Vahn Spackey
    Parker Weston Spackey
    Madden Nathaniel Spackey
    Tatum Christopher Spackey
    Delilah Lauren Spackey
    Horses: Carmen, Bristol, Ross & Tiegs
    Chicken: Kluckers & Lenny
    Cats: Deacon, Alden, Quentin
    Dogs: Russell, Rocky & Ophelia

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    Rhode Island
    The Dean's
    Timothy Angelico Dean "Timmy" & Rachelle Joss Dean
    Calla Joss Dean, 8, Flora Oceana Dean, 6, Jem Timber Dean & Will Briar Dean, 2
    T & R:
    J & W:

    Dogs: Franco & Noey Cats: Tide & Jaxon Mouse: Halo

    The Kohl Family:
    Peter Roy Kohl & Nicole Elizabeth Kohl
    Laura Louise Kohl, 14, Jillian Isabelle Kohl, 10, & Natalie Karen Kohl, 6
    P & N:

    Dog: Gia

    The Peo Family:
    Ollie Royce Peo & Delilah Lisette Peo
    Elvie Voss Peo, 1
    O & D:

    Cats: Eos & Onte

    The Henderson Family
    Linus October Henderson & Violet Zoella Henderson
    Felicia Dillan Henderson, 18, Percy Felix Henderson, 14, Edwin Walt Henderson, 10, Xavier Ellis Henderson & Lex Isaac Henderson, 6
    L & V:
    X & L:

    Puppy: Roxie

    The Boxer's
    Rodge Benjamin Boxer
    Kasandra Trinity Boxer, Riannon Noelle Boxer, Viola Michele Boxer & Jet Yvan Boxer, 9

    Dogs: Vikki, Milo & Woof Cat: Neow Rabbit: Crunch

    The Quentin Family:
    Nash Theodore Quentin & Naomi Mikaila Quentin
    Maisie Monroe Quentin, 15, Emerson Cole Quentin, 12, Rosalia Paola Quentin, 12, Anastasia Zoe Quentin , 9, Isaac Landon Quentin 5 & Weston Vincent Quentin, nb
    N & N:

    Dog: Joe & Ida

    The Novy-Gallant Family:
    Guillaume Tristan Novy "Gui" & Alexander Etienne Gallant "Xander"
    Hattie Sailor Novy-Gallant, 12, Penelope Baye Novy-Gallant "Penni", 4, & Colby Kasper Novy-Gallant, 3
    Gui & Alex:

    Lizard: Gekko

    The Uebersax Family:
    Tex Ronald Uebersax & Debbi Elane Uebersax, 70
    Henry Ronald Uebersax m. to Maude Alexandra Uebersax, 50
    Greer Austen Uebersax (engaged to Frances Viola Tannor), 26, Sloane Olivia Uebersax, 19, Kiara Stone Uebersax, 14, Rylan Noelle Uebersax, 9, Wren Rachelle Uebersax, 7, & Marlowe Kane Uebersax & Brier Cannon Uebersax, nb
    T & D:
    H & M:
    G & F:
    M & B:

    Dogs: Voice & Roar Cat: Peep

    The Willow Family:
    Micah Nicolas Willow & Racer Alana Willow
    Emery Petunia Willow, 20 months & Liana Maisie Willow, nb
    M & R:

    Cat: Lucie

    The Sadler Family:
    Colton Ulysses Sadler & Vera Yvette Sadler
    Ian Vincent Sadler, 19, Parker Weston Sadler, 17, Mason Nico Sadler, 15, Tannor Colt Sadler, 8 & Delilah Lou Sadler, 4
    C & V:

    Horses: Cobalt, Brett, Roe & Tabbie
    Chickens: Koby & Lou Lou
    Cats: Darling, Awe, & Q.T
    Dogs: Ross, Rascal & Omar

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