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    Oct 2011
    Jane Sophia (my aunt and my sister)
    Selma (my paternal great-grandmother)
    Susanna (my mother is Susan, her younger sister is Anne)

    Jack (maternal grandfather)
    Louis (paternal uncles)
    Tailor (a surname on my mother's side)
    Simon Valor | Eloise Faye | Judah Sage | Thea Marina | Felix Orion | Iris Cordelia | Roscoe Benjamin | Lydia Wren | Jasper Conroy | Phaedra Naomi | Adrian Bruno | Lucinda 'Indie' Jane | Wallace Finnegan | Sylvie Winifred | Charles 'Charlie' Elliot | Juniper Sophie | Julian 'Jules' Atlas | Matilda Sailor | Marlowe Charles | Alice Elizabeth | Jack Mariner | Marigold 'Maggie' Susan

    Just a grad student, dreaming ahead...

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    Aug 2013
    I'm assuming just my family and not DH's.
    I would choose;

    Patrick Valentino
    Elisabeta Barbara
    Silas Robert Patrick - 7/10/13

    Penelope Elizabeth Pearl 23/3/15

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    ♀ Hazel | Marceline | Clara | Rose | Luna
    ♂ Donovan | Isaac | Gabriel | Felix | Connor

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    Michael Theodore (cousin and uncle)
    Rebecca Rose (cousin and aunt)
    Celia Bess (cousin and grandmother)
    Celia Katherine (cousins)
    Theo Mordechai (uncle and great-great grandfather)
    Eugenia Rose (half-sister and aunt)
    Nina Rebecca (sister in heaven, and cousin)
    Phillip Theodore (grandfather and uncle)
    Enid Rebecca Rose (cousin, cousin and aunt)

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    Oh that's tough.
    For a boy Percival Robert (Great great grandfather, grandfather) because I like Percy and Rabbie(not Robbie, Rabbie is a legit nn commonly used in Scotland) for nn's or Alexander Joseph (Great grandfather, husband) and call him Alec. Both are solid choices in my book.
    For a girl probably Virginia Mary, as most of the women in my family are Mary or Sarah.

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