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    Rose Genevieve is my absolute favorite combination. How about Rose Adelina?
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    I love Rose Adelina! Flows nicely. I also really like Rose Lucia. Rosie Lou is just darling.

    I don't really have an issue with Rose Clementine but to me it just isn't as pretty as Adelina or Lucia. Rose Emmeline is nice, but not shockingly pretty.

    I only have two suggestions: Rose Luella or Rose Luellen/Luellin. However, I think you have a winner between Adelina and Lucia. :-)
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    Rose Ophelia is always going to be the most romantic & perfect rose combination for me.

    Other suggestions ( sorry for repeats) :

    Rose Adelaide
    Rose Eleanor
    Rose Harriet
    Rose Katherine
    Rose Beatrix
    Rose Francesca / Frances
    Rose Cecilia
    Rose Imogen
    Vasiliki ,

    Persephone ~ Orpheus ~ Odysseus .

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