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    I have two top girls' names that cancel each other out: Eloise Lily and Iris Cordelia. If I used Iris first, the sibset would be:

    Iris Cordelia
    Sylvie Winifred
    Thea Marina
    Marlowe Charles
    Judah "Jude" River

    If I used Eloise instead:

    Eloise Lily
    Matilda Sailor
    Lucinda "Lucy" Jane
    Simon Atlas
    John "Jack" Mariner
    Simon Valor | Eloise Faye | Judah Sage | Thea Marina | Felix Orion | Iris Cordelia | Roscoe Benjamin | Lydia Wren | Jasper Conroy | Phaedra Naomi | Adrian Bruno | Lucinda 'Indie' Jane | Wallace Finnegan | Sylvie Winifred | Charles 'Charlie' Elliot | Juniper Sophie | Julian 'Jules' Atlas | Matilda Sailor | Marlowe Charles | Alice Elizabeth | Jack Mariner | Marigold 'Maggie' Susan

    Just a grad student, dreaming ahead...

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    Rose Leonora "Rosie"
    Clara Hermione "Clari"
    Hazel Seraphine
    Oliver Marcel
    Theodore Jack "Teddy"

    Or possibly

    Melody Carina "Mel"
    Aurora Delphine "Rory"
    Lucille Hermione "Lucy"
    Oliver Marcel
    Henry David

    I can't decide, my girl taste is all over the place
    • Esther Aveline Willow ~ Rosalie Aislinn Pearl ~ Clara Hermione Mae ~ Polly Matilda Iris ~ Elowen Saskia Eve •

    • Oliver Jack Marcel ~ Henry Asher David ~ Theodore Jack August ~ Arthur Gideon Maxwell ~ Felix Charlie Rowan •

    Sosie - bookworm and name nerd :-)

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    ***Dorothea Primrose***Francesca Thisbe***

    ***Gulliver Digby***Linus Bartholomew***

    NICU 'baby' nurse, engaged, name lover, future mommy

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    Annabel Claire, Caroline Grace, Catherine Maeve,
    Emmeline Sophie, Jane Cordelia, Pearl Anastasia, Rose Genevieve

    Benjamin Arthur, Callum Henry, Jack Donovan,
    James Frederick, Liam David, Luke Alexander, Patrick Elliot

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    Artemis Michele
    Hermione Louise
    Lucia Alice
    Hugo Bruce
    Niklaus Anthony

    The middles are all family names

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