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    If You Had 5 Children (3 Girls And 2 Boys)?

    If you had five children what would you name them and if you gave birth to three girls and two boys their names would be?
    (If you gave to three girls first and then the two boys)?
    Mine would be:
    Shannen Moira
    Heather Michele
    Vada Margaret
    Albert Perry
    Macaulay Miles

    (Let me know what you think of mine and let me know what your choice for five kids would be)?
    Just Some Of The Name Combinations I Love:

    Shannen Moira ~ Heather Michele ~ Vada Margaret ~ Connie Quinn ~ Dakota Joy ~ Hailey Rosanna ~ Anne Elizabeth ~ Maizy Karin ~ Ashley June ~ Bianca Pamela ~ Mackenzie Iona ~ Christina Wednesday ~ Aimee Louise ~ Winona Veronica.

    Albert Franklin ~ Macaulay Miles ~ Henry Evan ~ Miles Russell ~ Timothy Glenn ~ Morgan Hugh ~ Shane Atticus ~ Matthew Kieran ~ Seth Alexander ~ Dylan Luke ~ Brandon Jason ~ Brodie Bruce ~ Oliver Davey ~ Elijah Mark.

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    Ariston Xavier
    Dashiell Clive
    Zelie Catiche
    Vittoria Raphaelle (Vita)
    Lucrezia Sebastienne (Luca)

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    DD: Momo Flora 'Mo'
    DD: Nanetta Yuki 'Nan / Nettie'
    DD: Bunny Maude 'B'
    DS: Dossie Roland 'Doss'
    DS: Humphrey Basil 'Hum'
    Momo Flora
    Dossie Roland

    Name List:

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    22, no kids. Just obsessed with names.

    Grace Eleanor Daisy Eloise Alice Layla Ariana Violet Holly Charlotte Stella Isla
    Noah Milo Evan Leo Oliver Thomas Hugo Henry

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    My favourite out of your names is Albert Perry- Really lovely choice! I would prefer Margaret Vada, but Vada Margaret is nice too. The rest are NMS (although Miles is cute). Heather Michelle is ok, sounds a little dated though. Here are mine:

    June Eleanor
    Katherine Fleur
    Iris Emmeline
    Rupert James
    Arthur Ernest

    Boys Names I'm Loving

    Henry, James, Hugo, Albert, August, Rupert, Arthur, Heath, Victor, William

    Girls Names I'm Loving

    Audrey, Emma, Simone, Eleanor, Meredith, June, Katherine, Delphine, Dorothy, Juliette, Celeste, Alice, Joy, Iris, Emmeline, Cora

    Please vote on my name list!

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