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Thread: Luna Sylvie

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    Luna Sylvie

    I am 28 weeks pregnant with our girl, who we are decidedly naming Luna. We are not open to a new first name.

    Sylvie has sentimental value for us both, and we love it...but I do not know that I love it in the middle spot here.

    The other candidate is Luna Camille, which has much more flow and charm I think, but this name has no sentimental ties to it. It is just pretty, and we have decided we might like to save Camille for a second daughter, should we be lucky enough to have one.

    What do you think of the name Luna Sylvie?
    Her last name begins with R and is three syllables long.

    Thanks for your input.
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    I think meaning trumps everything and it's not bad at all. Luna Sylvie is a fine name. If you were going for flow alone, I'd choose a 1-syllable or 3-syllable, and ideally something starting with a hard consonant after the a-ending. BUT I think the meaning wins.

    Unless you're open to adding a second name? Luna Catherine Sylvie, for example. Definitely save Camille.
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    I think Luna Sylvie sounds great! Those are two of my favorite names and I love them together!

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    I think Luna Sylvie and Luna Camille are both beautiful! Since Sylvie holds sentimental value for you, I would say to pick Luna Sylvie and save Camille, as you mentioned. I honestly think they are equal in flow and charm.

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    My vote is Luna Camille .
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