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    I think Alice as the daughter of Alistair is quite sweet. Provided you are good with honoring your husband with your daughters name. I really like Alice and think it would work really nicely as a first or middle name.
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    To me, it wouldn't be awful to have her first name Alice, but it would be fine. I really like the suggestion of putting it in the middle.

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    It could be a nice way to incorporate her dad's name in hers, as a Carly with a dad named Carl I was always "proud" to be named after my dad. There was never any confusion at home between us.
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    I have relatives with very similar names, a father/daughter named Simon and Simone. It was never an issue as far as I was aware. Alistair and Alice should be no problem!
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    Thank you for the replies. It has reassured me that Alice may be usable . The middle name is already decided, or Alice would have been a lovely option for that.

    Thank you!

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