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    Can we use Alice when my husband is Alastair?

    Hi berries,

    We are on the hunt for a name for our first baby due in November, we don't know what the sex is.

    We both love the name Alice for a girl, but my husband's name is Alastair so they sound very similar. What do you reckon, could we actually use Alice or would it just be silly when the baby's Dad is Alastair?


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    Alice is an adorable classic and I think it being similar to Alistair is a plus! Almost like she's being named with father in mind. I don't think that's a deal breaker at all.

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    Does he go by Alistair or a nn? I don't you'll be saying their names much together (likely it'll be Alice and dada/daddy). It is a nice nod to his name.. Does he mind or does he like it?
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    If you were going to be naming siblings Alice and Alistair then I think it would be too matchy. Since Alistair is her dad then I don't see a problem with it. You won't be calling him Alistair that much around her, so I think it's fine and actually quite cute. Alice could be a way of honoring her dad.
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    I wouldn't use it as a first name - I imagine yelling one name and both thinking you're talking to them. It would be sweet as a middle name to honour her father, though.

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