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    Thank-you for your suggestions jamjam! I love Meredith, always have, but to me it feels like an outlier on my list. Maybe I'm just over analyzing. I also really like both Theodore and Elliot. Theodore's out for us though...we have a cat named Theo! And, it's nice to hear some love for Desmond

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    My least favourites are Beatrix and Desmond - I've never understood the love for Beatrix, I find the 'ix' ending a bit unappealing, haha, and Frederick, Edwin and Arthur sound so classic, but Desmond sticks out too much alongside them.

    I would suggest Florence and Louis (Lou-ee), although, since he vetoed Louisa, maybe Walter is a better fit?

    Charlie. Thomas. Jamie. Thomas. Aaron. Joel. Freddie. Ethan. Harrison.
    Henry. Matthew. Hadley. Addison. Andrew. Ashton. Ollie. Albert. Jake.

    Jayne. Millie. Charlotte. Alice. Eleanor. Hannah. Harriet. Claire. Martha.
    Minnie. Rosie. Tilly. Annabelle. Sophie. Kathryn. Violet. Betsy. Lucy-Mae.

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    Least Favorite: Miriam
    Suggestion: Marion

    Least Favorite: Arthur
    Suggestion: Abram

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    Thank-you for your suggestions!

    @lawsonhaley - I love Beatrix because she sounds so spunky. Beatrice is lovely as well, but clashes a little with the last name. I like your suggestion of Florence. However, I think I might prefer Flora. I love Walter, it's on my long list and I think it's definitely a name we will consider. I'm not particularly fond of Louis...I quite like Lewis, but again, doesn't sound quite right with the last name, unfortunately.

    @faithnamer - Marion is a name that intrigues me. And I think it's one that might just grow on me. I love the Robin Hood connection. Thank-you! Abram is a handsome choice, however it's not quite my cup of tea.

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    Least favourite: Miriam. I actually love all your girls' names, including this one, but it's my least favourite
    Replace with: Henrietta. I love this name so much, especially with the nickname options of Hettie or Etta!


    Least favourite: Desmond- Sorry! I don't like the sound. But I love the other boys names!
    Replace with: Rupert! My absolute favourite boy's name ever. Plus it really goes witht eh feel of your other names.
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