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    Thank-you for your suggestions jamjam! I love Meredith, always have, but to me it feels like an outlier on my list. Maybe I'm just over analyzing. I also really like both Theodore and Elliot. Theodore's out for us though...we have a cat named Theo! And, it's nice to hear some love for Desmond

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    My least favourites are Beatrix and Desmond - I've never understood the love for Beatrix, I find the 'ix' ending a bit unappealing, haha, and Frederick, Edwin and Arthur sound so classic, but Desmond sticks out too much alongside them.

    I would suggest Florence and Louis (Lou-ee), although, since he vetoed Louisa, maybe Walter is a better fit?

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    Least Favorite: Miriam
    Suggestion: Marion

    Least Favorite: Arthur
    Suggestion: Abram

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    Thank-you for your suggestions!

    @lawsonhaley - I love Beatrix because she sounds so spunky. Beatrice is lovely as well, but clashes a little with the last name. I like your suggestion of Florence. However, I think I might prefer Flora. I love Walter, it's on my long list and I think it's definitely a name we will consider. I'm not particularly fond of Louis...I quite like Lewis, but again, doesn't sound quite right with the last name, unfortunately.

    @faithnamer - Marion is a name that intrigues me. And I think it's one that might just grow on me. I love the Robin Hood connection. Thank-you! Abram is a handsome choice, however it's not quite my cup of tea.

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    Least favourite: Miriam. I actually love all your girls' names, including this one, but it's my least favourite
    Replace with: Henrietta. I love this name so much, especially with the nickname options of Hettie or Etta!


    Least favourite: Desmond- Sorry! I don't like the sound. But I love the other boys names!
    Replace with: Rupert! My absolute favourite boy's name ever. Plus it really goes witht eh feel of your other names.
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