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Thread: Cassandra?

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    My husband recently suggested the name Cassandra and...I think I like it? I had never really considered it before, but it is growing on me. WDYT and what would you pair it with? I think I would want something shorter and less frilly in the middle spot. Last name is three syllables, so that is already a lot of name.

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    I really do like Cassandra. I've always loved Cass. I see it as a timeless beauty like Charlotte or Scarlett.

    Here are some suggestions....

    Cassandra Laine
    Cassandra Paige
    Cassandra Faye
    Cassandra Harper
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    Personally I love the name. Like a previous poster has said, it it a timeless beauty and is both classic and sweet. Personally, I would pair it with a one or two syllable middle name like Jane, Faye, May, Ray, Grace, Rosa, Joy, Hope, Belle. Just something short and sweet to round off a wonderful first name.

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    Cassandra was one of my favorite names as a child, and I still love it. It's a classic and it's not currently so trendy, so that's a plus. Cassie is a fun nn, or Sanna or Sandy, or even Andy or Sassy. Love the possibilities.
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    I adore Cassandra and love to see it being used. I would also go with a short middle name, maybe one syllable or at most two:

    Cassandra Maeve
    Cassandra Faye
    Cassandra Jane
    Cassandra Leigh
    Cassandra Eve
    Cassandra Joy
    Cassandra Blythe
    Cassandra Fern
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