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    Honest opinions on Tessa and Geneva

    Last night DH and I were working on our girl names again. I would call our session a raving success, given that we discovered that we strongly agree on two new names: Tessa and Geneva.
    As most of you know, DH loves Ada, but we haven't settled on a middle. What do you think of Ada Geneva? Does it flow?

    As for Tessa, we'd most likely use it in the first name slot, in its short form, as DH is a minimalist and our son's name is casual in feel. We love the agrarian meaning ("to harvest"), as we are farmers. We were hoping to avoid T names if we could. We just really like this one. But how does Tessa sound with our son's name, Travis? Is it too matchy? Would you rather see Teresa? What direction would we go in the future?

    Baby's last name is Ky1e. Thank you!
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    Ada Geneva sounds beautiful to me! I agree that Ada goes better with Tessa and Geneva should be used as a middle name. And Ada means noble! Not much of a better name meaning than that.

    I would much rather see Tessa than Teresa. And I think it will be fine with your son, Travis. Some names that are similar to Tessa that you could look into are Dessa (Latin for "wandering") or Nessa (Scandinavian for "headlands, promontory" or short form of Agnes, "pure; chaste".

    If you are going with Tessa, middle names (from looking at your list), Tessa Imogen or Tessa Florence sounds beautiful.

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    I LOVE the name Geneva! Ada Geneva sounds fine. I also like Tessa, I think it sounds ok with brother Travis.

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    Ada Geneva is absolutely wonderful! And if you both agree and love it, tis perfect!

    Hover, I do think Tessa and Travis are a little match-y...

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    I love Ada and Tessa!

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