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    Cair Paravel :)
    Erm, I feel like mine would be really, really long, haha. But I'll give it a go, anyhow.

    A. Arianne, Aurora, Aurelie/Aurelia, Amelie, Azalea, Annelies/Annie, Audrey.
    B. Beatrix, Bryony, Belle.
    C. Charlotte, Catherine, Claire, Camille/Camilla, Clara, Cecilia.
    D. Daphne, Delaney, Daisy.
    E. Emmeline, Ella, Emilia, Eleni, Eleanor, Eva, Eliora.
    F. Felicity, Fleur, Fiona, Fiora/Fiorella.
    G. Grace, Genevieve, Gemma, Greer/Grier.
    H. Hannah, Hadley.
    I. Isabelle, Ivy, Iris, Isla, Imogen.
    J. Julia, Josephine, Jane, Johanna.
    K. Kaia, Kate/Katherine.
    L. Lily, Lillian, Liliana, Lilia, Lucia, Louisa, Lou, Luella, Lila, Lisette.
    M. Magdalena, Mia, Maren, Madeleine.
    N. Nadia, Natalie, Noelle.
    O. Olivia, Olive, Ophelia, Odette, Odilia, Odile, Oona.
    P. Penelope, Poppy, Portia.
    Q. Quinn
    R. Rachel, Rosalie, Ruby, Rosamund.
    S. Sybilla/Sybella, Sophie/Sofia, Serena, Sylvia.
    T. Tess, Tallulah, Tabitha.
    U. Ursula.
    V. Violet, Valeria, Verity.
    W. Winter, Wisteria, Wren, Winslet (GP).
    X. Xanthe, Xenia (although I think I prefer Ksenia).
    Y. Yasmina/Yasmin.
    Z. Zara, Zoe, Zinnia. (For sure. I'm sure there are some others I'm forgetting!)

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    Proud Mommy to Maeby Alana (8/6/10) and Saela Eliza (6/24/14)

    Marlow Simone - Romy Corinne - Piper - Juna
    Zefram Eli - Miles Thatcher - Ledger - Brinker

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    * My name is Adelaide Skye. I love to play with names.*
    Saffron Jane Calliope - Noa Calliope Rose - Charlotte Mazarine Eden - Noa Frances Mazarine - Saffron Mazarine Rose - Mazarine Frances Noa - Rhiannon Leigh Noelle - Rowan Sophia Mazarine - Oswell Constantine - Irving Balthasar - Balthazar Lucas - Israfel Ronin - Walter Zephram - Paul Constantine - Malcolm Ephraim

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    Danville, Tri-State Area
    You can call me Abby
    Competitive dancer, hopeful writer, sophomore in high school, and most importantly, name obsessed

    Dreaming of a future little...
    Miss Lila Romilly or Maeve Tallulah or Moira Seraphine or Sadie Calypso or Iris Magdelen
    Mister Carter Jameson or Jasper Elias or Leo Xavier or Archer Murray or Torin Matthias

    limits, like fear, are often just an illusion

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    Arranged in order of preference, for each letter. And I'm probably forgetting a lot, but oh well.

    A: Amelia, Astrid, Alice, Augusta/Augustina
    B: Bryony, Beatrix, Bronwen, Bernadette, Billie
    C: Clementine, Cosima, Charlotte/Charlie, Cybele, Caia, Cleo, Cassia, Celestia/Celestine, Clara, Celine, Capucine, Clemence, Cricket (Cricket is a guilty pleasure.)
    D: Daisy, Delfina, Delilah, Dahlia
    E: Emiliana, Elsie, Eloise, Elinor, Eugenie, Esther, Emmeline, Eulalia/Eulalie, Elowen, Eira
    F: Flora, Florence, Fabienne, Freja, Fae, Frida, Fiona
    G: Gaia, Gemma, Georgia
    H: Harriet, Hazel, Harlow, Halcyon, Hebe
    I: Ivy, Isla, Isabelle, Imogen, India
    J: Jemima, Juniper, Junia/Juno, Jane, Jezebel (Jezebel is a guilty pleasure.)
    K: Kiki (As a nickname only.)
    L: Lula, Lola, Leela/Lela, Lilith, Lucy, Luna, Lux, Lark
    M: Matilda, Marlowe, Mabel, Mae, Milly/Millie, Maisie, Maeve, Moon
    N: Naia, Nola, Noa
    O: Ottoline, Ottilie, Ombeline, Ophelia
    P: Phoebe, Pomeline, Poppy, Philippa, Posey
    Q: Queenie (Only as a nickname.)
    R: Romilly, Romy, Ramona, Rowena/Rowan
    S: Sybella, Saskia, Sophie, Sidonia/Sidonie, Saffron, Seraphina, Scarlett, Scout, Saga, Signe, Sunniva, Solveig, Serena/Serene, Stella, Sailor (Sailor is a guilty pleasure.)
    T: Tallulah, Tilly, Tamsin, Thisbe
    U: Undine, Ursuline, Ulyssia
    V: Violet, Veronica, Valentina/Valentine, Vera, Vivienne
    W: Wilhelmina, Willow, Willa
    X: Xenia
    Y: Yesenia, Yuki, Yumi
    Z: Zelda, Zuleika, Zinnia, Zoe

    This really helps me see how diverse and weird my favorites are, lol.
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