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Thread: Freya

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    I've been thinking about Freya lately What's your opinion on it? I love the myth connection, plus I'm in the States so it isn't very popular. It makes for a stronger, more substantial alternative to Faye, which is also lovely.

    What kind of name would you pair it with?
    I was thinking:

    Freya Charlotte
    Freya Miriam
    Freya Guinevere
    Freya Beatrix
    Freya Josephine

    When it's in first place, I think a middle with a strong consonant beginning (L, C, S, M, R, B) is better, since the -eya ending is so soft.

    Antonia Freya
    Elodie Freya
    Silvia Freya

    In the middle spot, I think it sounds better if the first name ends in a vowel, to balance the consonant-heavy Fr- beginning.

    What do you think?
    Any and all ideas, opinions, an/or suggestions welcome

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    I love it! It's on my list and it's so soft, girly but strong as well. I love the Norse mythology tie it has and the fact Freya is the Norse goddess of love, beauty and fertility! It's popular where I am (England) but I don't care anyway, and considering you're in the US where it's not so much, it'll be a refreshing name to see there!

    Freya Charlotte is lovely. I also like Freya Madeleine.

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    My order of preference:
    Freya Miriam - I really like this combination
    Freya Beatrix - There is something sweet and spunky about this
    Freya Charlotte - This feels very natural to me, both are soft and lovely
    Freya Josephine - It works
    Freya Guinevere - This also works but Guinevere is nms.
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    I like Freya, I have it as a middle (but spelt Frejya). I really love Freya Guinevere, Freya Beatrix, and Freya Charlotte, although that might be because I love all 3 middles too. With Freya as a middle, I quite like Silvia Freya. I also think Magdalene Freya (part of my combo) or Freya Magdalene could be nice, and Freya Evangeline popped into my head for some reason.
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    I would never personally use it, but I do like it. My friend wanted to use it at one point though, and her and her fiancé were going to pair Freya with Lux. Their boy name was Leo James
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