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    I agree that the first syllable is a little off-putting, but I like the nn Paz. I guess Topaz make sense for a baby born in November, but "November" might be more palatable. Somehow Topaz sounds southwestern to me. I imagine that Topaz lives in Tempe, Arizona or Taos, New Mexico, and is maybe a jewelry artisan? Haha, it's funny when you get not just an image but a whole story out of a name.
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    I've heard it as a first name before (on a teenager girl, who would be around 18 now) but I don't find it appealing at all. There's just something kind of harsh about it and as others have said, the "toe" sound is rather off putting.

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    I love the name Topaz! Topaz (in French, Topaze) is one of Mucha's Art Nouveau girls (from his "Precious Stones" series). Clicky on link below to see what she looks like:
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    I love it. It casts such a rich, golden glow in my mind when I say it. The nickname Paz (peace) is wonderful too.
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    There is a Bar by that name not far from my house. I think it might be the reason I find it difficult to see this as a first name. First associations can be very influencing I guess....
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