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    Topaz as a first name

    Just got off the phone with a woman named Topaz.. sounded like she may have been in her 50's-60's which definitely peaked my interest!

    What are your thoughts? Have you ever heard this one before?
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    I've never heard the name before but thinking about it now I don't really like it because for me it sounds a bit too much like a last name. It's definitely unique though.
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    I first heard it as a first name when I read I Capture The Castle. At the time I did think it was really unusual. For me, it's one of those names that's quite spunky for someone else, but it's not really my style.
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    I think I'd be fascinated to meet a woman named Topaz. But "toe" is not appealing for me. I DO like jewel names: Amethyst, Ruby, Pearl, Esmeralda
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    Her parents were hippies? I don't get the appeal of names that start with the 'toe-' sound, but Topaz isn't the worst of them.

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