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Thread: Ethan and...

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    Ethan and...

    We have decided to go with Ethan for if the twins are G/B or B/B.

    We aren't sure what sounds good with Ethan for a girl? What would you suggest? Big brother and sister are Logan and Mia.

    I'll be posting something similar in the boy section.


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    Ethan & Emma
    Ethan & Nora
    Ethan & Edie
    Ethan & Chloe
    Ethan & Elizabeth

    **Anything works great with Ethan. Ethan & Emma is my personal favorite. It really depends on your style!

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    I know a mom who has a boy and girl named Ethan and Taylor!

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    Love love talking names... my 'style' is more classic but I do love some surprising choices too...
    DD1 born April 2013 has a mainstream name honouring 4 lines of her heritage + 2 mns (2nd is my surname)

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