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    For girls, Veronica and Bethany. For boys, probably only Francis.

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    The list would be long, but for the most part, I disliked their names anyway.

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    Nicole- girl who bullied me
    Zaid- no comment
    Taylor- between Lautner and Swift....
    Brooke- mean girl
    Emma- ditto
    Paige- ditto
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    Taylor for a girl. I know MANY girls with the name (that alone ruins the name for me) and not one of them were nice girls. The one boy I've met with the name was sweet though.

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    Some are fictional, but I count them as people I've met :P.
    Girls: Cora, Grace, Rose (although the one I currently know is really nice, the other was kind of annoying), River, Melody (at least this spelling) Serena
    Boys: Griffin
    I can't think of anymore atm.
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