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    Theo. I adore the name Theodore, but thanks to a horrid kid, I cannot stand the name Theo.

    Katherine/Catherine/Katie/Kate/Kaitlyn/Caitlin- pretty much every single person I have met with one of these names (and there are A LOT), have all been horrible people.

    Nina- one of the most evil people we ever met was my brother's now ex gf, whose name was Nina. She was awful.
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    I haven't met a Niall I've liked, but I don't think I'd like the name anyway!
    I also have a thing against the names Darren, Kyle and Maryanne due to people bearing those names.

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    Victoria and Rebecca. An awful girl in high school called Victoria well and truly ruined that name for me and I've sadly yet to meet a nice Rebecca.
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    William (I can handle Bill)
    Jesse Dean (either alone or together, very bad Ex Husband) I would never name a person or a dog even Jessica
    Brad every one I have met has been a jerk
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    Elizabeth, Lisa, Marguerite, and Kevin all are people in my past who I would never want to meet again. I associate the names with them, which is difficult because one of my good friends is named Lisa.


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