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    Joshua Michael (Josh)- my mom likes Hebrew names. Michael is our father's fn.

    Nathanael Peter (Nate)- Again a Hebrew name. -ael spelling to mirror Michael. Peter is our father's mn.

    Marisa Rose- Planned on Hebrew name (Rachel) but changed their minds. Marisa to keep with my grandmother (Mary) and mother's (Marilyn) fn's. Rose was my great grandmother's fn. My mom also liked that it reminded her of the song "The Rose." (I was born in '81.)
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    Lily Alice & Michael George (middles after my Dad's grandfather and Mum's grandmother).

    I really like them my parents' sibsets are awful though (IMO obviously):

    Michelle, Debra & Neil
    Paul Jr. & Sarah (though Dad goes by Mark, his mn)
    Lily Alice ~ 16

    Annika Severine ~ Juliette Ophelia ~ Rosalie Vasilisa
    Arabella Hermione ~ Lavinia Felicity ~ Sienna Evangeline
    All of the Ladies

    Benedict Dean ~ Remus Nathaniel ~ Theodore Jude
    Hector Dimitri ~ Nicholas James ~ Sirius Clark
    All of the Gentlemen

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    Sarah Megan and Daniel Marcus. I feel like they're okay names, but Sarah is unbearably popular.
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    Anna Jenny
    Charlotte Vera
    Sam Brian- Pronounced Bree- in (Irish)
    From youngest to oldest

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    Jeremy Keith
    Lindsey Marie (me)
    Kylie Lynn
    Dawson James

    I think they did a pretty good job and I personally love my name

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