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    Sibling name for Simon & Jonah


    We have two precious boys, Simon Martin & Jonah Matthew. We have another blessing on the way and have ZERO names. Just like with our boys, we will not find out the gender, so we need Two names we like! Yikes!! (Well 4 names if you consider middle!).

    We Love Simon & Jonah and want to find a name for our third that we love just as much! (We really like Martin & Matthew too- they are both family names on my husband's side).

    We also like that the boys' names are common enough that people can pronounce & spell them, but they're not Super common. And they are kind of nn-proof.

    Should we continue with a biblical name theme (I must admit we fell into it accidentally)??? Would it be weird if the next baby doesn't have a biblical name?

    For boys, the only biblical names we like either sound too much like Jonah (Judah, Noah) or are too popular (Isaac, Eli, Micah). We're also running out of family names we like (my dad & grandpa are both Lawrence Lucius... though I love them, I'm not crazy about either name... though I like Lorenzo which has been used in my family as a variation of Lawrence...).

    For girls, I'd really love to use Rose either as a 1st or middle, after my beautiful grandma. Again, is it OK to go outside of the bible names? Other family names we like for middle would be Danielle or René. I want a really beautiful name if we are blessed with a girl this time... but I'm having trouble falling in love with bible names (Deborah, Bethany, etc are too plain... and Esther feels a little harsh). Names I like, but that we can't use for various reasons include: Olivia, Vivienne, Elizabeth, Sofia... we've considered Grace, Alice, Faith, Clara, Pearl, Hazel, Margaret, Violet...

    As you can see, we are All.Over.The.Place and nowhere at the same time ANY help you can provide in helping us come up with a name for a sibling to Simon & Jonah would be much appreciated!!


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    Tabitha Rose would be so sweet! I wouldn't worry about having to fit a name I loved into the biblical theme, personally, though. Also for some reason I thought of Clarke when reading your criteria
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    I personally think going outside of your biblical theme is totally fine if you find something you love!!! But since I happen to love biblical names, here are some more ideas many of these names are ones I've heard on other people/babies and loved!

    Assuming you want to go with Lorenzo and Rose as middles...

    Isaiah Lorenzo
    Gilead Lorenzo
    Asa Lorenzo
    Gideon Lorenzo
    Ezekiel Lorenzo
    Hosea Lorenzo
    Malachi Lorenzo

    Jael Rose
    Naomi Rose
    Miriam Rose
    Lydia Rose
    Keziah Rose
    Eden Rose
    Chloe | Brienna | Shaelyn | Lydia
    Josanna | Everly | Makenna | Brielle
    Maecy | Selah | Elowen | Audra

    Bennett | Gideon | Jonah | Marcus
    Josiah | Nolan | Graham | Ezra
    Porter | Rowen | Branson | Silas

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    Thank you. Tabitha Rose is a very sweet name, and one I hadn't thought of. I knew it would help to have ideas from others!

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    These are some wonderful suggestions! So nice to have another perspective!!

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