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    Little sister for our daughter Morgane ?

    Hi there,
    We're expecting our second daughter and are struggling with a name for her, so am turning to you for help!
    We're a French family living in Australia so we need a name that would not be detrimental in either language.
    Our first daughter is named Morgane Freya Eleanor.

    Hope this gives you inspiration!

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    I'm from Australia, and I think the following names would work quite well here. You might have to have a different pronunciation depending on whether or not you are in France or Australia, but as a name, they should translate quite easily. I don't know if these are really your cup of tea, or if they are horribly unfashionable in France or anything like that, but they should translate well.


    Lou, Claudie, Nina, Caroline, Serena, Vivienne, Viviette, Anna, Annabelle, Julia, Lana, Camille, Cecile, Adele, Luna, Lily, Elena, Victoria, Cassandra, Rose, Clarisse, Lucie, Laetitia / Letitia, Alexandra, Alexia, Emeline, Lola, Marina, Sabrina, Deborah, Alina, Claire, Abella, Amelie, Arabelle, Aveline, Bellamy, Axelle, Bernadette, Celine, Colette, Corinne, Delphine, Alice, Justine, Dominique, Elise, Elodie, Eloise, Esme, Estelle, Ines / Inez, Fabienne, Lucienne, Eugenie / Eugénie, Gabrielle, Geneva, Genevieve, Eva, Zoe, Celia / Célia, Laura, Lena, Charlotte, Harriet, Helene, Gisele, Manon, Geraldine, Josephine, Isabelle, Judith, Juliette, Liliane, Lisette, Louise, Lucille, Leonie, Madeleine, Maeva, Marcelle, Margot, Mariel, Marie, Marian, Mavis, Merle, Martine, Millicent / Milicent, Mirabelle, Noelle, Nicolette, Oriane, Orianne, Orly, Pascale, Patrice, Pauline, Phillis, Prudence, Remi / Remy, Rafaella, Romilly, Rosalie, Rosemarie, Roselle, Rosette, Sabine, Seraphine, Silvie, Simone, Sophie.
    Vesper Opal, Dossie Gardener, Shalom Galilee, Easter Paloma, Mary Valentine, Agnes Gardenia, Aphra Bram, Constance Camellia, Noonan Minnie, Gardener Franny, Tabitha Painter, Paloma Opal, Betty Calloway, Yuki Magnolia, Frances Opal, Gardenia Philou, Malou Anouk.

    Dossie Gardener, Bertram Beloved, Roland Basil, Gerald Dove, Obadiah Dove, Amadeus Andrew, Abraham Lou, Thaddeus Noble, Enzo Raphael, Shalom Gentle, Zebedee Shalom, Shepherd Andrew, Morris Noble, Beacon Cassiel.

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    @rkrd admittedly, of your suggestions, I only like Alix

    @nooshi, quite a list, ta! We're in Oz
    I like quite a few in your suggested names...will have to carefully read and make note to see if there are any contenders to try to suggest to my hubby
    Mummy to a lovely fairy darling of almost 18 months....
    TTC number 2

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