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    Brothers Peter and Cormac?

    Hi everyone- We are expecting our first child, a boy! However, I'm a bit of a planner so I'm already wondering how these sibling names would sound. My husband and I really like Cormac, but sometimes my old love for Peter creeps back in. Could Cormac and Peter be brothers? We also like Thomas, and while I definitely can see Cormac and Thomas as siblings, for some reason I'm not as confident about Cormac and Peter. If it helps at all, our favorite girl's name is Frances, and we also like Rose/Roisin/Rosemary, Eve and Una. Other boy names we like, but definitely wouldn't use for a first are Hugh, Simon and Barnaby. Thank you!

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    I'm the same way! I think they would work. It seems the names you like produces no definitive style or theme. This allows you to pick names that are beautiful and have meaning to you without having one child with a name that does not "match" their siblings.

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    I think Peter and Cormac would definitely work! They are different but they don't clash.
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