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    Red face TTC #2 Looking for names that go well big brother Conrad

    When I was pregnant with our first baby, we had our names all picked out. He was going to be Liam if he was a boy or Sophia if he was a girl, at least that was the plan. After looking at the top 10 names in the US, I realized that I had chosen two names in the top 3. I was shocked and sad. On the way home from our 20 week scan, I remembered that I worked with someone with the last name Conrad. Forgot how much I loved that name... I suggested it to my husband, and for the first time, I was met with immediate agreement. So, our son is now named Conrad.

    Fast forward 18 months. My husband and I are currently TTC our second baby. Unfortunately, we have had issues trying to find another name that we love as much as we love Conrad's name. So far, our list for a boy consists of Magnus (my personal favorite), Roman, Linus, and Maxwell. Our girl name picks are Elizabeth, Octavia, Alexandria, and Allegra (I am well aware that this name was used for an allergy medicine, but I still love it). We are looking for names that are both strong and intelligent.

    Thanks in advance.

    (Can't believe I accidentally deleted "with" from the title of this post)
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