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    Team Green Sibling for Jack (long)

    Our son is Jack Theo.dore and we are having the hardest time coming up with a name for his sibling (due in 8 weeks). We are Team Green so we need a boy and a girl name picked out. Our last name is a strong German name starting with Kr and ending in th. My husband and I both have first names that start with K, so we would like to avoid K names for our children. We also both have a Grandpa Jack, so that is where my son's name came from. Theodore is a name I adore and now wish I hadn't used as a middle name, because it would be our top pick for a second boy. We don't have to use a family name this time, but it might be nice given the strong family connections in our son's name. I love names that don't have a nickname-my husband insists that the name be gender specific (he has a male names that has turned female and really disliked it growing up).

    I am open to any suggestions and ideas, but here are some names we have discussed....

    Girl First Names:
    Violet (currently the only name we agree on)
    Stella (vetoed by my husband)
    Scarlett (vetoed by my husband)
    Hannah (vetoed by me)
    Natalie (our girl name last time, was not even discussed this time)
    Claire (both love, but is difficult to say with our last name)
    Rosalie (my husband would use Rose, but not Rosalie-one of my Grandma's is Rose and if I used a variation of her name I would like to include part of my other Grandma's middle name, which is Jean...Rose Jean doesn't flow, but Rosalie Jean does flow)

    Girl Middle Names:
    Frances (a family name on both sides of our family, but they are individuals neither of us have met)
    Jean (a family name on my side of the family)

    Boy First Names:
    William nn Will (we both love this-but I don't like that it has a nn and it is SOOO popular-top 5 name in our state)
    Henry (both like, but top 5 name in our state)
    Miles (vetoed by my husband)
    Milo (vetoed by my husband)
    Rhys (vetoed by my husband for not being gender specific)
    Ethan (I just came up with this-haven't run it by my husband)
    Theodore nn Theo (love this name, but it is my first son's middle name-is using it an option??)

    Boy Middle Names:
    Randall (family name on my side)
    James (family name on my side)
    Thomas (family name on my husband's side)

    Thanks in advance for making it through this post and any ideas you might have!!

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    I like Violet, Rose and Claire a sister names with Jack. Please be aware though Vi is an often used nickname for Violet. Could use a variation of Jean as a middle name with Rose? Rose Jeanette is a lovely option. Would Clara work better with your last name? Clara Frances is another wonderful option.

    As for boys, I would not use your sons middle name as a second son's first name. It doesn't seem fair to either child. Ethan would be my first choice from your list if you can get your husband on board. Any of the three middle names would work with it and Jack and Ethan make for a great pair. Henry would be my second choice.
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    Each of your boys should have their own names so I wouldn't use Theodore for your baby. The first name that comes to mind with the same vibe as Theo is Arlo which I think is a very handsome name. Other suggestions...


    I really like Violet for your girl's name. I also really like Scarlett but if your husband doesn't like it, I would toss it. Also Rosalie Jean (nn Rose) is nice.

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    Thanks for the opinions.

    Clara has been tossed around, but it is still difficult to say with our last name (my name is difficult to say with our last name also and it isn't that big of a deal so I don't necessarily consider this a reason to not use the name just a consideration).

    I hadn't even considered Arlo and I like it a lot. I am going to run it by my husband.

    I didn't even consider Vi as a nickname for Violet. We have neighbors with a 10 year old daughter named Violet and I am going to see if they have run into any issues with people trying to shorten her name. If she would choose to shorten it when she is older that would be fine.

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    I think Henry or William would sound darling with Jack, but I understand your hesitations..

    Instead of Theo, you might consider Leo? Or Arlo as mentioned? There's also Viggo.

    I wouldn't use Rose as a sister for Jack, since those names reminds me so much of the leading roles in Titanic. To me that would be like naming siblings Romeo and Juliet, but that's just me.
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