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    Sibling for Margaret Irene nn Maggie

    Hubby and I are kind of all over the place with names this time around and I'll be 31 weeks tomorrow so I would like to get some clear distinct winners that I can bring to the hospital. We're team green this time around and would love to be able to use a family middle name for this one as well. My hubby's biggest push is that there be a "formal" name and I want a cute nickname.

    Girl Names:
    Harriet - Hattie?
    Olive - Liv/Olly?
    Eleanor - not a fan of how popular all of the El- nicknames are.
    Nora(h) - love the name, not sure about the alliteration as our last name start with an N.
    Matilda - Love the nickname Millie, but not sure if I want M&M siblings
    Mallory - same as above for the M&M
    Meredith - same as above for the M&M

    Boy Names:
    Elias - Eli
    Edison - not sure on nicknames because I'm not a fan of Ed/Eddie

    Middle Name choices from family options: Lee, James, Joyce, Orien, Mary, Louise, Keith, Julia

    We obviously love older names and I would rather not have a name that's too popular at the moment. Any help with name suggestions or thoughts on what I have above would be greatly appreciated.

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    You have such lovely choices! I would choose Olive "Olly" Louise or Seth Orien.

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    I love your choices and Maggie is a favourite of mine. My votes:

    1) Harriet Louise (Hattie or Etta Lou) I asbolutely LOVE Margaret and Harriet together. The -et endings is a nice match and they'll rarely get called together by their full name so I don't consider it too matchy.
    2) Olive Joyce (Ollie or Liv)

    1) Elias James (Eli, EJ)
    2) Edison James (EJ or Ned) I'm not a big fan of Ed or Eddie and he'll likely get called this at some point but maybe by then he'll have chosen it for himself. Does Ned sound better to you? Or how about Sonny or Sunny?
    Love love talking names... my 'style' is more classic but I do love some surprising choices too...
    DD1 born April 2013 has a mainstream name honouring 4 lines of her heritage + 2 mns (2nd is my surname)

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    So you don't think Hattie & Maggie are too close in sound?

    And I never thought about Sonny as a nickname. I think Ned is a very cute. Not sure I'm cool enough to pull it off

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    Eleanor Louise (I prefer Louisa), nn Nelly/Nellie, Nell
    Catherine Mary, nn (from middle name: Maisie, Molly, Maidie, Mattie)

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