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    Sibling Name Help!!

    Expecting baby #3 due in December and husband does not want to find out gender.
    We have a son named Noah and a daughter named Juliana. I kinda have my girl name picked but unsure for a boy.
    I really like the name Beau, however, I am worried that it'd be too much with our surname Beauvais ??
    My husband likes the name Bruce but now with the whole Bruce Jenner thing I just don't know. How about the name Levi?
    Also any names that sound good with Noah and Juliana would be great.

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    You could always compromise with husband, and name him Bruce but NN Beau? I'm not sure though, it might be a source of frustration later on. I used to do the Lifetouch school photography, and I couldn't believe how many John Johnsons, etc. there were. Just seemed a bit easy to pick on. I obsess about MN and LN combos, too. I had a boss who always signed off on the schedule BS. New hires had to ask what it meant!

    It sounds like you've got an "a" ending sound trend, possibly you could keep that up with names such as Alayna, Alexa, Dakota. For boys: Elijah, Ezra, Luca, etc.

    Good luck! We're stuck on name #5 ourselves.

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