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    Tobias is definitely all-white to me. I can see where your father is coming from, but I can only really picture white boys with the name Tobias (especially those who go by Toby!) and struggle to picture it on an African-American... However, this is all really just my own opinion. Corbin Tobias sounds more white than Corbin Tobiah, if that helps.

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    I really need to cut my lists down...

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    Wow, I don't consider the name Tobias as white, black or anything, but a good name choice, very rarely used today. I say if you love it, go for it. Once your father lays eyes on his grandson, he will absolutely LOVE that kid and his name. I wouldn't worry about it so much. Though I know it's hard not to, when it is your own parents, and grandparents saying how they don't like it.

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    I agree with your father; certain names make me think of a particular gender, or race, or religion. However, that isn't to say you shouldn't use them, especially if one really speaks to you. And yes, if I heard, or saw the name Tobias, without having a frame of reference, I would assume the person would most likely be African American. But, in this day and age, with all the traditional rules of naming being thrown out the window, I also wouldn't put a lot of stock in my knee-jerk assumption. (Being a teacher and seeing a lot of names before meeting the people they belong to has shown me how wrong I often am.) Good luck!
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    No offense to your dad, but good Heavens!

    The Tobias I know is a gorgeous young Jewish sword-swallower and magician (really).

    One Toby I know is an older rich Jewish man.

    The two younger Toby's I know are an upper income white boy and a middle income white boy.

    One Toby is a dog and one is a horse.

    I've never met a Tobiah.

    Toby is seen as a cool name in Northern California where I live.

    It is fine for your dad to give his input, but don't listen to it.

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    I do not associate the name Tobias with blacks. Maybe it was a commonly used name in your dad's generation by the black community. I think of Toby Keith if I think of anybody, figure Toby is a nn for Tobias. I love Tobiah though, adding that to my boy list.

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