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    I've had my name spelled wrong more times than I can count. Aunts, uncles, cousins.....even my own mother-in-law has trouble spelling my name! I was also one of those kids who could never find a mug, key-chain or trinket with my name spelled correctly.

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    This happens to me all the time. People spell my name wrong and say my name wrong even when it's written in front of them! It's even worse when it's family and close friends! My name is Kirsten but more often than not I get Krysten or Kristen and when they actually get the 'Kir' bit right I end up with Kirsty or Kirstin! It annoys me most when people call me Kristen or Kirsty especially if I've already corrected them. After a few times I just tend to give up and answer anyway.
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    People misspell my full name on occasion, though I don't know how the most popular spelling of Karen is hard to spell?? Ren is never misspelt, strangely enough.

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    My grandparents, uncle and boyfriend's parents always write Jaime.

    When my friend and I were working at Babies R Us, this shopper asked my friend to look up her daughter, Jaime's, Rewards Card. My friend automatically typed Jamie, and the woman lost it. She told my friend to tell me that my mother spelled my name wrong. I guess she got a lot of misspellings to have gotten that upset.

    I just brush it off. It doesn't bother me. I've gotten Jamie, Jaime, Jaimie, and Jami.
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    In all of my 16 years, I have NEVER had it spelled correctly. Close friends and family spell it wrong...

    My name is Austyn. With the "y". Ive had people spell it Aystyn, Austin, Aystn, Austn, Austen, Aystin, Aystun.. Every other way you can spell it... Ive even had it mispronounced... Ugh, the joys of misspelled make naime... -_-
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