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    Have the perfect girls name

    Maebry Lee-Ann My initials and middle name a combination of my mom's and my mother-in-law's. Have just loved the name Maebry since finding it on here. Don't know boy or girl or even viability yet but I can't help dreaming

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    Cute! I like Maebry more with the spelling Mabry and something more classical for the middle, but what you have is nice.

    @lovemysweeties will be thrilled to see another Maebry lover.
    ~ Larissa

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    Cute name! Would you be open to Maebry Leeann, Maebry LeeAnn or even Maebry Leanne instead of the hyphenated Lee-Ann?

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    Congratulations on finding your perfect name!
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    it sounds like a gorgeous combination, congratulations!

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