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    Names that everyone else seems to love

    This is just a place to post names that you dislike but everyone else seems to love, or the other way round.

    Personally I really don't like Nora. It's just clunky and unpleasant for me to say.

    DISCLAIMER: Respect other people's opinions; feel free to ask questions but there is never any need to be rude.
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    Arabella. Aurelia. Aurore. Cordelia. Delacour. Delphine. Dominique. Fleur. Ginevra. Hermione. Isolde. Jillian. Juliet. Leolin. Lyra. Minerva. Ophelia. Rosalie. Tessa. Vasilisa. Verity. Victoire.

    Albus. Arlo. Benedict. Cedric. Clark. Dean. Dominic. Draco. Edmund. Frederick. George. Gideon. Knight. James. Leo. Lloyd. Lovell. Michael. Peter. Prewett. Remus. Sherlock. Sirius. Theodore.

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