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    Thoughts on Cherish?

    I have a friend named Cherish and I've always loved her name. She's super sweet and super pretty, so I have a good association with her name. I don't know if I would ever use it as a first name, but I think it could be a good middle name substitute for Hope, Grace and Joy.

    What do you all think of the name Cherish? Do you like it as a first name or do you think it fits better in the middle?

    Thanks for your opinions!
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    I think it is fine in the middle but I don't like it as a first. It's too much for me, I like the pure sounding virtue names but Cherish and Precious et al are overkill IMO. Sickly sweet. I would probably feel differently if, like you, I had such a positive association.


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    I love it. I actually think it is a daring thing to name you kid Cherish. It's a beautiful sound and a beautiful meaning. I think it is fine as a mn. The only question will be the flow, finding names that flow with Cherish and sound good for both a kid and an adult.
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    I like it a lot.
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    It is not for me. As a middle name it has potential, but for me, as another poster already noted, it is overkill as a first. But hey, if you love it, who am I to stand in your way?
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