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    Auburn: way to out there?


    I've adored the name Auburn for ages on a girl, but kept it strictly on the guilty pleasure list.
    But, I just wanted to know if anyone can imagine it on a person, or actually like it?
    I think I know the answer already, but just had to make sure.


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    I don't think it is use-able, sorry. Auburn sounds lovely and I get it, a beautiful sound. Could try Aubry, Audra, Aubryn, Auberleen (I'm just making things up now). But Auburn, no, it would be like naming someone Blonde.
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    No way, not at all too out there. I really feel it looks and sounds way more maleish but it's a nice name.

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    I think the various names listed above is exactly why it could work! The sound is familiar.
    Granted, we don't seem to have so many of those Au- names in Australia, so it might be a bit obscure for some.

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    Definitely can work. It reminds me of the name Autumn, which is widely accepted. I can see it on a boy or girl.
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