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    cold feet on baby's name!

    I am having second thoughts on the baby name we agreed on. I don't know now if I picked it because I love it or I was tired of thinking of names. Due date is a few weeks away.

    DS #1 is Ace Phillip
    Name we are thinking for DS #2 is Dash Kennedy.

    Reassurances or other suggestions?

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    I think Dash is perfect with Ace! Dax would we as well.

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    I love it!


    could be other options if you are unsure but I think you made a great choice!

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    Ooh I really like that! Dash and Ace make great siblings! Dash Kennedy is a handsome name!
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    I think the sibset works well together. Both short, punchy, powerful. Your family and friends must be primed for another unusual choice!

    My question would be whether you picked the middle names with the idea that someday they might want to use those instead? If so, I like Philip as a conservative choice instead of Ace. But Kennedy instead of Dash isn't quite as perfect. Kennedy is used way more by girls these days. Although I suppose he could just use Ken. Is Kennedy a family name?
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