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    Chardonnay & Whiskey

    What do you think of the sibset Chardonnay (girl) & Whiskey (boy)?

    Is this too "out-there" and inappropriate for children's names?

    I'm just totally besotted with this sibset pair (NB I drink very rarely as I don't like alcohol and I'm into clean living - so it's rather bemusing/ amusing that I like this name pairing)...

    Thoughts anyone?? Thanks
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    Yea it is way too inappropriate as human names. They would be fine as a pet's name. My dogs are named after alcoholic beverages.
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    Oh, no; the poor children would be judged so badly! Which is kind of sad, as they have rather appealing sounds. After research, though, I found the real meanings of Chardonnay and Whiskey.

    Chardonnay comes from Cardonnacum, which is Medieval Latin for "a place with thistles", coming form also Latin carduus, meaning thistle.

    Whiskey comes from the Gaelic word(s) uisce/uisge, which mean "water".

    So maybe you could use something with similar meanings?

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    Nope. They would be ridiculed for sure.
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    I personally think that they are completely inappropriate! It'd be like naming your kids Cigarette and Tobacco.
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