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    He turned out to be a she! Bro/Sis combos

    Our first ultrasound showed a well-hung little boy. We were completely confident that we were having a boy! Until... the boy parts disappeared and we're very clearly having a girl, now? The shock wiped out any names I had started narrowing down.

    Brother: Benjamin Leopold (goes by Leopold)
    Sister - deceased: Clementine June
    New baby: __________ Alice*

    My thoughts so far are:

    *Inherited middle name - must stay
    **She seems to have a no bullsh** kind of attitude, based on the way she interacts with her daddy and big brother, and also the way she kicks away the ultrasound when they bother her, so I'm thinking this is the only name that's truly strong enough for her. Names with a similar feel would be great!

    I desperately need your help! Thank you all so much!!

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    I love Isolde Alice so beautiful!
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    1. Margot Alice
    2. Isolde Alice

    both beautiful. congrats!
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    Violet and Margot seem like strong names to me, spunky and feminine, and I think they go better with Benjamin than Isolde. Isolde is pretty but strong is not a word I would use to describe it. I wouldn't worry too much about name flow with the middle since the middle is an honor name. As long and the first and last name sound decent together I think it's better to find the right first name, hopefully something you love.

    Other strong or spunky, no-nonsense but feminine names suggestions:
    Caroline, Georgia, Josephine, Chloe, Eliza, Nora, Ruby, Stella, Vivian, Victoria, Margaret, Sylvia/Sylvie, Vera, Zoe, Greta, Margery/Marjorie, Susana
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    Violet is too popular for me. Maybe you don't care about popularity, and that's fine, but if you do you should know that Violet is in the Top 75 right now.
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