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    Introducing our new little guy

    A little belated--James Reece was born at the end of April, joining big brother Luke Russell. Until he was born we really debated whether we liked the combination or whether it was too short. Once he arrived, though, we quit worrying so much and just chose the names we that we loved and were meaningful. Reece is my MIL's maiden name, so a tribute to her and my husband's grandmother, to whom he was very close.

    Thanks to all the berries who commented on my various posts during our naming process!
    Mom to Luke Russell & James Reece

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    Congrats! James Reece is a handsome name! James and Luke sound great together.
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    What a handsome name! I completely agree with your theory - meaning trumps "flow." Either way, James Reece sounds great! Congrats!
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    Already got that naming fever again...
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    A handsome and classic name choice. Congrats on baby James!
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    What an excellent choice! Enjoy your little J.R. : )

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